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Julius Goltermann should not be confused with Georg Goltermann (1824 – 1898), the composer of eight cello concertos.

Johann August Julius Goltermann (15 July 1825 – 4 April 1876) was a 19th-century German cellist and music professor.

Life and career[edit]

Julius Goltermann was born in Hamburg, Germany on 15 July 1825.[1] He studied cello with Friedrich August Kummer in Dresden before holding a professorship of cello at the Prague Conservatory from 1850 to 1862 – there he taught the cellist David Popper.[1][2] Between 1862 and 1870 he was a member of the court band at Stuttgart.[1] He retired in 1870.[1]


He died in Stuttgart, Germany on 4 April 1876 aged 50.[1]


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