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Julius Maggi around 1900

Julius Michael Johannes Maggi (9 October 1846 – 19 October 1912) was a Swiss entrepreneur, inventor of precooked soups and Maggi sauce. He is best known for founding Maggi, which was merged with Nestle in 1947.[1]


Julius was born in Frauenfeld, Switzerland in 1846. In 1869, he inherited his father's hammer mill.[2]

He died in 1912 at the age of 66.[2]


In the early 1880s, Julius began experimenting to invent a new type of flour. In 1882, he finally began selling flour and founded Maggi. In 1886, he launched Maggi seasoning.[3]

In 1886, Julius invented the first instant soup in the world. It was invented in his Kemptthal factory.[4]

By 1888, he began selling to countries all around Europe, including Germany, France, and Italy.[3]


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