Juliusz Bogdan Deczkowski

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Juliusz Bogdan Deczkowski
AK Parasol
Soldiers of "Zośka" batalion on Wola during the Warsaw Uprising. Juliusz Bogdan Deczkowski is in the centre. The other two men in this photo were killed during the uprising
Born (1924-04-20)April 20, 1924
Died June 22, 1998(1998-06-22) (aged 74)
Occupation Soldier during World War II, and later an engineer and inventor

Juliusz Bogdan Deczkowski "Laudański" (20 April 1924 in Bydgoszcz – 22 June 1998 in Ciechocinek) was a noted Polish soldier during World War II, and later an engineer and inventor, as well as writer.[1]


Deczkowski after release from Pawiak prison, March 1942

Deczkowski left school in 1939, the year of the September Campaign, and joined the Home Army. During the invasion, he became a runner with the Polish Scouting Association, which was then operating as the underground Szare Szeregi. In 1944, he took part in the Warsaw Uprising as a member of the Batalion Zośka.

In 1949, during the darkest years of Stalinism in Poland he was arrested by the Polish security service and sentenced by a military court to 5 years in prison. After his release, he graduated from the Warsaw University of Technology in November 1953, and became an inventor of medical equipment.

He published in Poland two books of wartime memoirs "Wspomnienia żołnierza baonu AK "Zośka" and "Wróbel" z "Kamieni na szaniec".


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