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(Gulf Pharmaceutical Industries)
Public shareholding company
Industry Pharmaceutical, biotechnology
Founded March 30, 1980
Headquarters RAK, UAE
Key people
Sheikh Faisal bin Saqr Al Qasimi Chairman of the Board
Dr. Ayman Ahmed Sahli CEO
Products Julphar manufacture and sell more than 213 products
Revenue Increase AED 1.43 billion (2014)[1]
Increase AED 238.5 million (2014)
Increase AED 234.7 million (2014)
Number of employees

Julphar (Gulf Pharmaceutical Industries) is a public shareholding pharmaceutical company based in Diqdaqah, Ras Al Khaimah, United Arab Emirates. It was established in 1980 under Sheikh Saqr bin Mohammad al-Qassimi, the late ruler of Ras Al Khaimah and currently produces and distributes pharmaceutical products across five continents. Julphar produces therapeutic products which target a large range of pharmaceutical segments including consumer, endocrinology, antibiotics, cardiovascular, women's health, dermatology and gastroenterology.[2][3][4]


One of Julphar’s strategic products include Moist Exposure Burn Ointment (MEBO), a common product used for burns. The success of MEBO led to the creation of MEBO Scar, an ointment which was developed specifically by Julphar for the treatment of scars both old and new, and is used to restore the health of traumatized skin. MEBO Scar assists patients with both functional and cosmetic problems caused by scarring.[5]

In 2012, Julphar will become the only company in the Middle East and North Africa Region to locally produce Recombinant DNA(r-DNA), the raw material used to make insulin.[citation needed] Julphar Diabetes—a division of Julphar that will manage the manufacturing and commercialization the company’s diabetes products—has the facility to produce approximately 40 million vials of insulin per year. In 2011, Julphar signed a partnership with International Diabetes Federation (IDF). Diabetes rates in the MENA are amongst the highest in the world. IDF estimates that in 2011, 32.6 million people are living with diabetes in the region,[5][6][7][8][9] and this is expected to increase by over 80% by 2030.[10]

Julphar maintains a network of eleven manufacturing plants based in the UAE, with plans to open additional facilities in strategic countries such as Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Ethiopia and Algeria. In 2011, Julphar signed an agreement with Saudi-based Cigalah Group, to build an independent manufacturing facility in the western region of KSA, in a project worth US$40 million.[11]

In 2011, Julphar crossed AED 1billion in sales, an 11.3% growth from 2010.[12] In January 2013, Julphar launched its first international facility in Addis Ababa Ethiopia. This facility has the capacity to produce 25 million bottles, 50 million tablets and 170 million capsules per year.[13]

UAE Manufacturing Facilities

• Julphar I (Pharmaceutical Solid Dosage Forms)
• Julphar II (β-Lactam Antibiotics and Sterile Dosage Forms)
• Julphar III (Oral Penicillin Plant)
• Julphar IV (Oral Cephalosporin Plant)
• Julphar V (Off-line Packaging Plant)
• Julphar VI (Liquid and Semi Solid Pharmaceutical Dosage Form)
• Julphar VII (Biotech Lab and Production Facility)
• Julphar VIII (Sterile Powder Filling Plant)
• Julphar IX (Sterile Cephalosporin Powder Filling Plant)
• Julphar X (Semi-solid plant)
• Julphar XI (Julphar Diabetes – Insulin Plant) [14]
• Julphar Ethiopia Facility (Ethiopia Plant)

Board of Directors

  • Chairman of the Board (Sheikh Faisal Bin Saqr Al Qasimi)
  • Vice-Chairman of the Board (Hassan Ahmed Al Alkim)
  • Member of the Board (Sheikh Abdullah Faisal Bin Saqr Al Qasimi)
  • Member of the Board (Sheikh Saqr Bin Humaid Al Qasimi)
  • Member of the Board (Ahmed Essa Al Naem)
  • Member of the Board (Nawaf Ghobash Ahmed Saeed)
  • Member of the Board (Jamal Salem Bin Darwish Al Nuaimi)
  • Member of the Board (Ali Hussein Al Zawawi)
  • Member of the Board (Ahmed Salim Al Hosni)
  • Chief Executive Officer (Ayman Ahmed Sahli)[15]



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