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Julussdalen is a small valley in the municipalities of Elverum and Åmot, in the Norwegian county of Hedmark. There are scattered settlements in the valley, especially in the lower part of Elverum. Julussdalen has many historic farms with cabins, mills and mountain pastures.



The river Julussa flows through the valley, starting from Bergesjøen which is 318 meter above sea level, and ending as the Julussa flows into the river Glomma. Julussdalen was very important for timber out of the big forests, dating from around the mid 16th century.


Julussdalen is named after the river Julussa. The first part of the name "Juluss" is most likely derived from a Norwegian dialect word that means "silent", and the last part "dalen" is the Norwegian word for "valley". Julussdalen means most likely "the quiet valley" or "the valley of silence".[1]


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