July 1999 lunar eclipse

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Partial Lunar Eclipse
July 28, 1999
Lunar eclipse chart close-1999Jul28.png
The moon passes west to east (right to left) across the Earth's umbral shadow, shown in hourly intervals.
Series 119 (61 of 83)
Duration (hr:mn:sc)
Partial 2:22:32
Penumbral 5:10:56
P1 8:58:15 UTC
U1 10:22:31 UTC
Greatest 11:33:43 UTC
U4 12:45:03 UTC
P4 14:09:11 UTC

A partial lunar eclipse took place on July 28, 1999, the second of two lunar eclipses in 1999.


Lunar eclipse from moon-1999Jul28.png

Related lunar eclipses[edit]

Lunar year series[edit]

Half-Saros cycle[edit]

A lunar eclipse will be preceded and followed by solar eclipses by 9 years and 5.5 days (a half saros).[1] This lunar eclipse is related to two total solar eclipses of Solar Saros 126.

July 22, 1990 August 1, 2008
SE1990Jul22T.png SE2008Aug01T.png

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  1. ^ Mathematical Astronomy Morsels, Jean Meeus, p.110, Chapter 18, The half-saros

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