July 2007 Argentine winter storm

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July 2007 Argentine Winterstorm
Argentina TMO 2007191 lrg.jpg
MODIS image of snowfall (shown in blue) in Argentina on July 10, 2007
Type Winter storm
Formed 6 July
Lowest temperature
Maximum snowfall or ice accretion
Areas affected Southern-Central regions of Argentina

The July 2007 Argentine winter storm resulted from the interaction of an area of low pressure systems across central Argentina and the entry of a massive polar cold snap during the 6–8 July 2007; it was the worst winter of Argentina in almost forty years. Severe snowfalls and blizzards affected the country.[5] In Patagonia, several lakes were frozen.[6] The cold snap advanced from the south towards the central zone of the country during Friday, July 6, continuing its displacement towards the north during Saturday, July 7 and Sunday, July 8. On Monday July 9, the simultaneous presence of very cold air, above the average levels of the atmosphere as in the surface, gave place to the occurrence of snowfalls even in localities where snow is very rare. This phenomenon left at least 46 people dead in Argentina,[7] six in Chile,[8] and 3 in Bolivia.[9]

It was the third time that a phenomenon like this happened in the country. The first time was in 1912 and the second one was in 1918, when took place the most significant volume of snow accumulation on the ground ever registered in Buenos Aires. Since July 9 is a national holiday in Argentina, crowds gathered in the streets and parks all over the country to experience snow, most for the first time in their lives.

Cities affected by snowfalls[edit]

Car covered with snow in Buenos Aires city
City Province
Buenos Aires Autonomous City of Buenos Aires
Bell Ville Córdoba Province
Córdoba Córdoba Province
Villa Dolores Córdoba Province
Rio Cuarto Córdoba Province
Pilar Cordoba Province
Laboulaye Córdoba Province
Mendoza Mendoza Province
San Rafael Mendoza Province
San Luis San Luis Province
Villa Reynolds San Luis Province
Santa Rosa La Pampa Province
Rosario Santa Fe Province
Junín Buenos Aires Province
Ezeiza Buenos Aires Province
San Fernando Buenos Aires Province
La Plata Buenos Aires Province
Pergamino Buenos Aires Province
San Pedro Buenos Aires Province
Neuquén Neuquén Province

During the July 9, 2007, weather radars, monitored this snowfalls and announced the cities that were affected by the blizzard. The coldest temperature plunged to −32 °C (−26 °F) and was registered in the province of Rio Negro.


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