July 2015 Kukawa massacre

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July 2015 Kukawa massacre
Part of Boko Haram insurgency
Nigeria Borno State map.png
Location of State of Borno in Nigeria
LocationKukawa, Borno, Nigeria
villages near Monguno, Borno
DateJuly 1, 2015 (UTC+01:00)
Attack type
Mass murder
PerpetratorsBoko Haram

On July 1, 2015, Boko Haram gunmen stormed the village of Kukawa, in Borno State and killed 97 people. According to an anonymous senior government official, the militants targeted mosques, which they believed taught a form of Islam that was too moderate.[2] After killing dozens of people in the mosques, mainly men and boys, the gunmen then began to enter nearby houses and killed many of the inhabitants, including women and children.[3] The following day, July 2, 2015, gunmen killed 48 more people in two villages near Monguno in the same state. At least 17 people were also injured in the attacks.[1]


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