July Rhapsody

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July Rhapsody 男人四十
Directed by Ann Hui
Produced by Derek Yee
Ann Hui
Written by Ivy Ho
Starring Jacky Cheung
Anita Mui
Kar Yan Lam
Shaun Tam (譚俊彥)
Distributed by FilmKo Pictures
Release dates
Running time
103 min.
Country Hong Kong
Language Cantonese

July Rhapsody (男人四十, lit. Man Forty) is a 2001 Hong Kong film directed by Ann Hui. The film follows Lam Yiu-Kwok (played by Jacky Cheung), a Hong Kong secondary school teacher, and explores his struggles with midlife crisis, marriage and seduction by a female adolescent student. This was Anita Mui's final film appearance before her death from cervical cancer in 2003.



Jacky Cheung plays Lam Yiu-Kwok, a Hong Kong secondary school teacher who is facing a mid-life crisis. While he has only his pride and Chinese poetry to fall back on, his peers are successful businessmen and professionals who flaunt their extravagant lifestyles at reunion dinners. After all these years, Lam is still living in a modest apartment with his wife, Man Ching (Anita Mui) and two teenage sons.

However financial stagnancy is not his only problem. An old flame of Man Ching (who was the couple's former schoolteacher) returns to Hong Kong and uncovers old wounds. Man Ching feels obliged to help her ex-lover.

Meanwhile Yiu Kwok faces another dilemma: Choy Lam (Karena Lam), a precocious 17 years old student, has a crush on him and the 'forbidden fruit' looks more and more tempting in the light of his wife's 'infidelity'. The two go to Shenzhen, where they celebrate the opening of a friend's nightclub, and spend the night together at a hotel. The movie ends with Lam's return to his wife the following morning.




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