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Birth name Giulio D'agostino
Born (1978-12-14) December 14, 1978 (age 38)
Genoa, Italy
Genres Various genres
Occupation(s) Songwriter, musician, producer, DJ, VJ
Instruments Various
Years active 1998 – present
Associated acts 4Ever, Kharisma, Photosonic Orchestra, Karmatic, Kino, Rainbow Ensemble Boston, Dumb Type Collective, MTV North Europe (session player), ANiMA LiBERA

Giulio "Julyo" D'Agostino (born in Genoa, Italy on December 14, 1978) is an Italian guitarist, songwriter, producer, VJ and DJ of Italian origin who has several International Awards for his film scoring work. After starting his career as a session player for Dolce & Gabbana, Calvin Klein and Anna Sui fashion showcases and American pop songwriter Steven Stewart, Julyo recorded and toured in Europe, USA and Japan from 2003 to 2006. Member of various bands including 4Ever, Kharisma, Photosonic Orchestra and Kino (UK rock band) his solo career began in 2006 and has released sixteen solo albums and won three International Awards for his film score for Photosonic, a short film about the 'photosonic guitar' he developed. Julyo is member of the ICC Irish Composers Collective and cultural ambassador for the European Regional Development Fund.


Early life

Julyo began playing guitar at the age of 10. In 1999, he took guitar lessons from Japanese guitarist Katsumi Nagaoka and played in local bands, one of which was called "Out of Zone". He was influenced by guitarists including Jimi Hendrix, Jeff Beck, Brian May, Jimmy Page, Joe Satriani and jazz fusion guitarist Pat Metheny. Julyo attended Nicolo Paganini Conservatory. He also studied at Berklee College of Music, with Scott Tarulli, John Finn, Mick Goodrick, John Petrucci and Mark White. After sending a demo CD (originally produced for a Krizia fashion showcase in 1999) to talent agency N.S. Bienstock he began to work as studio session player for 429 Records and local studios in US and Europe Between 1999 and 2001 Julyo performed and collaborated with Reeves Gabrels, Jonathan Mover and performed at New York legendary art studios Milk! for Calvin Klein (fashion designer), Museum of Modern Art NYC and Move*ment Inc. In 2002, Julyo joined Latin pop band '4Ever', performing on electric and nylon strings guitar. During summer 2002 he played the American Anthem at the Fenway Park on electric guitar for a Red Sox game. During his stay in Boston, Massachusetts, Julyo performed regularly at local jam sessions and worked intensively as a studio session player and lead guitar player for cover band "Howling Devils" (2002 Massachusetts state act for Mr. Big ); Julyo guitar pieces had been featured extensively in local television and radio stations in Massachusetts from 2001 to 2003.


During 2003 Julyo relocated to Copenhagen, Denmark to work as sound engineer and session player, performing at Rust, Steingaden, Vega and the Kobenhavn Music Festival 2004 in Rådhuspladsen. After a brief experience as session player at TV 2 Zulu and MTV North Europe, Julyo started to perform with a glam-punk-rock band "Kharisma". Kharisma performed a series of short promotional gigs in New York, Munich, Milan and Amsterdam and released a self-titled EP at end of 2005. The band became prominent in the Italian and Japanese underground scene between 2003 and 2005 performing along Japanese rock acts Guitar Wolf and Kokai. After a last tour, Kharisma broke up due to internal tensions. Upon leaving the group, Julyo moved to Tokyo where he performed as VJ in the Japanese underground scene as Photosonic or Photosonik both as performance artist at Kanazawa University, Mori Tower Museum, Tokyo Arts University and as VJ for psytrance and dark techno DJs Talamasca, Skazi and Infected Mushroom.

Photosonic Guitar

During the same period Julyo started to work on the 'photosonic guitar', a special MIDI guitar instrument used with a custom designed software. The 'photosonic guitar' was officially copyrighted during 2005. In 2006, Julyo moved back to Europe to work on a short film about the 'photosonic guitar' in collaboration with Minerva Studios.

Photosonic (short feature)

The movie Photosonic[1] was filmed in Copenhagen, Denmark at Thomas Troelsen Delta Lab studios and at the Minerva Studio with the teamwork of film director Donato Russo, director of photography Søren Bay, make up artist Anders Lerche, special effects designer Sammy H. Larsen and costume designer Christopher Emborg. The short was screened at a number of film festivals including Clermont Film Festival (France), the [[New York International Independent Film and Video Festival|New York Independent Film Festival]], the Odense International Film Festival (Denmark), Louis Vuitton Hawaii International Film Festival (Honolulu), Portobello Film Festival (London, England) and the Berkeley Video & Film Festival, Berkeley, CA. Julyo won two awards for Best Score for Photosonic soundtrack including the 2006 International Award for "Best Music Score" at New York Independent Film Festival for the movie Photosonic[2] and one nomination at the Berkeley Film Festival 2006 for Best Soundtrack. During summer 2007 he collaborated with Laurence Gartel and Ron English as music composer and performed multi-media shows at Brooklyn Museum, Arlene's Grocery, New York Post Performa Festival.

Photosonik / Photosonic Orchestra
Photosonic Orchestra
Also known as Photosonik
Genres electronic music, post-folk, world music
Years active Duo of Julyo & Vika (2008–2009)
Band led by Julyo (2010–present)
Labels Various
Past members Duo (2008–2009):
Giulio "Julyo" D'agostino
Filippo 'Vika' Vicario

Band (2010–2011):
Giulio "Julyo" D'agostino
Martyna Halas
Reece Wardrop
Steven Conroy

While touring in Japan, Julyo met Italian house music producer Filippo 'Vika' Vicario. Julyo and Vika started to perform as DJ and VJ duo in Tokyo, gaining popularity in the Japanese underground scene as one of the pioneers of 'color-sound music' in the electronic music scene. Encouraged by the increasing popularity of their shows the duo adopted the pseudonym of 'Photosonik' (later on changed to 'Photosonic Orchestra'), starting a weekly residency at the famous nightclub MOJOs in Roppongi Hills, Tokyo.

During 2008 the Photosonic Orchestra performed extensively in Europe along with DJ Cheeba and during the same year Julyo started a 3 years residency at the Village as DJ and VJ. Julyo and Vika released the LP 'Anaglyph' and the EP 'Symphony V.2' during 2009 for Elec-Trip Records. The duo performed a mini-tour in Asia and released remixes for Cut Bit Motorz, Juma, DXR Records and Elec-Trip Records. During late 2009 due to health problems Vika left the Photosonic Orchestra and relocated to Berlin, Germany. Julyo decided to keep the band name as Photosonic Orchestra and get Polish singer Martyna Halas, Irish drummer Reece Wardrop and bass player Steven Conroy in the project line up. The band new line up played their first gig together at the Body & Soul Festival 2010. After playing a set of gigs in Dublin they won the Dublin finale of the Guinness Our Thursdays contest.

During April 2011 the Photosonic Orchestra was nominated as Best Live Act at the IDMA Irish Dance Music Awards 2011. Shortly after the band participated to the Dublin's Got Talent 2011 classifying as finalists. The band broke up in late 2011 and reunited during 2014 with a completely new line up under the name "Julyo & the Photosonic Orchestra" opening for Vinicio Capossela and performing at several national music festivals in Ireland.


After break-up of Photosonic Orchestra, Julyo moved back focusing on his solo career, in particular doing gigs as DJ, VJ and guitar player. Thanks to a series of sold out gigs with Goldie, Gaudi (musician), Ed Solo and Alex M.O.R.P.H. the reputation as VJ was consolidated and by the end 2011 Julyo become a quite a name in the Dublin and London underground music scene also because of his residencies as VJ at SeOne and The Village (music venue). Julyo has celebrated the 4th year as resident DJ and VJ at Dublin famous weekly live music night the King Kong Club (Whelan's), performing every week as DJ and VJ at the Dublin infamous battle-of-the-bands night along with hosts Keiron Campbell (Amazing Few), rapper Anti-One and DJ Saul Delmore Philbin Bowman.

During 2014 Julyo is elected as Ambassador for European Culture by the European Development Fund, performing at Danube Palace, Irish Georgian Society, Rockwood Music Hall, Vigadó Concert Hall and several European opera theaters, large concert halls and cultural institutions.

GD Seventy Eight Music Ltd.
GD Seventy Eight Music
Years active 1999
Website gd78music.com
Members Giulio "Julyo" D'agostino
Robert Kelly
George Kelly

During early 2016 Julyo started the first music label company in Ireland, co-founded by guitar player Robert Kelly and musician / administrator George Kelly. The music label (called GD SEVENTY EIGHT MUSIC Ltd.) started as a full-service, creative Music Company with a core focus on music publishing later on starting partnerships with VidZone, MTV Europe, SONY, Roku TV, Prototype Musique Australia and Herbie Martin Music Germany. On May 9, 2016, GD Seventy Eight Music introduces FREEMIUM, the first free digital music distribution service in the world. GD Seventy Eight Music Ltd. has received over 2 million music distribution submissions and currently administers songs/artists WizKid, Reminisce, 2Baba, Eduardo Alejandro, Eric Bell and has partnerships with VidZone, iRoko, Mood Media, AT&T, Vodafone, Tecno Mobile and several other international mobile and ISP companies.

GD Seventy Eight Music (BMI) catalogue features artists WizKid, Knox Chandler, Clifford Slapper (David Bowie, Soft Cell), August Walk, Teenu Arora (Khiladi 786, Rupan Bal), Exist Trace, Vinny Rivera (Universal Music Latin Entertainment) and Latin pop star Eduardo Alejandro. JustMusic. is the digital distribution platform designed by GD Seventy Eight Music Ltd., launched worldwide during early 2017 in 110 territories.

Various cooperations and works

Julyo has been in ambient music records like Airports (2007, with Keith Patchel) and in pop music with bands like The Sumerians (with Michael Maccini), and in Kino (UK rock band) and in The Radiant' (with Mark Mangold). He also scored in nationally broadcast TV and radio commercials, including Coca-Cola's "Cappy" commercial and D&G fashion showcases, and contributed to feature films such as Laurence Gartel's Fetish America and Lars Gerhard's Erika Stone documentary. In addition to his work in the music industry as music publisher and music producer, Julyo is the CEO of Brain Computer Interface manufacturer company Memetics Ireland Ltd. and has tested and developed apps for Canadian company InteraXon, Inc. and IBVA Technologies. Julyo has released several books on cyber security, meditation training and digital marketing and is a voting member of the Grammy Academy. Between 2009 and 2014 Julyo has collaborated with Marcello Abate, CEO of Kammamuri company in Dublin, for the Vinicio Capossela and Franco Battiato concerts at Button Factory and the Kammamuri Nite events at Grand Social venue.

Julyo has also recorded and toured with Johnny Cragg (Space Hog), Cindy Blackman, Armando Corsi (Paco de Lucia), Mike Mangini (Steve Vai, Extreme), Mark Mangold (Cher, Michael Bolton), Michael Maccini (Simple Minds), Nick Seymour (Crowded House), Graham Hopkins and Keith Patchel (Television).

Personal life[edit]

Julyo has collaborated and worked with Ron English (artist), Gerald Edelman, Cristiano De André, David Lynch Foundation, Edoardo Sanguineti, Paulo Bragança and Arthur C. Clarke. He has done beta testing for portable EEG devices developed by Interaxon Canada and pioneered brain wave music with Masahiro Kahata and Forward Motion Theatre NYC.


(selective albums)


  • 2006: Photosonic (short) (Screenwriter / Actor / Music score)
  • 2013: "Fukushame" (Music score)

Awards and nominations[edit]

  • In 2002, C. F. Martin & Company Wall of Fame for EP "Conversations"
  • In 2006, Julyo won the International Award for Best Music Score at New York Film Festival in for the movie Photosonic. He was also nominated for the Best Music Video at Berkley Film Festival in 2009 for the same movie.
  • In 2011, he was nominated for "Best Live Act" at the IDMA Irish Dance Music Awards for his band Photosonic Orchestra.


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