Jumbles Reservoir

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Jumbles Reservoir
Jumbles Reservoir 1.jpg
The Jumbles Reservoir
Location Greater Manchester, England
Coordinates 53°37′31″N 2°24′9″W / 53.62528°N 2.40250°W / 53.62528; -2.40250Coordinates: 53°37′31″N 2°24′9″W / 53.62528°N 2.40250°W / 53.62528; -2.40250

The Jumbles Reservoir is a heavily modified, high alkalinity, shallow reservoir in North West England.[1][2] It lies in Jumbles Country Park, in the valley of Bradshaw Brook,[3] partly in the Metropolitan Borough of Bolton, Greater Manchester, and partly in Blackburn with Darwen, Lancashire. It was opened on 11 March 1971 by Queen Elizabeth II for the then Bolton Corporation Waterworks (since privatisation the reservoir is now owned by United Utilities).[3][4][5] The reservoir's original purpose was to guarantee water for the Croal-Irwell river system and the associated industries.[5]

The name Jumbles appeared during the 19th century, it is a variation of dumbles; a northern term for a ravine like valley with wooded sides down which tumbles a fast flowing stream.[3] This reservoir is also fed from the Wayoh and the Turton and Entwistle reservoirs.[3]


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