Jumbo's Clown Room

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Coordinates: 34°5′25.7″N 118°23′4.8″W / 34.090472°N 118.384667°W / 34.090472; -118.384667

Jumbo's Clown Room
Location5153 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood, California 90027-6113
Typedance bar

Jumbo's Clown Room is a strip club located on Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles, California. It was opened on July 27, 1970 and later became a strip club in 1980. Jumbo's Clown Room embodies the burlesque spirit more than its counterparts in Hollywood and farther west.[1] Some of the interior and front of the Jumbo's Clown Room building is shown on the video for Let Me Go by 3 Doors Down. The front of Jumbo's Clown Room building is also shown on Penn & Teller: Bullshit!, season 4, episode 8, entitled "Manners". The place is also known for having Courtney Love working as dancer in the early 90s.[2] Jumbo's Clown Room is featured in, and plays a key role in the plot of, the 2007 remake of The Wizard of Gore.


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