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Jumbo, formerly The Unloved, The Sun then Angelique, was a Swansea-based pop cover band from London, managed by JV Entertainments and briefly signed to a national record deal. Angelique included Tony Lukyn on Hammond organ, went on to join Tranquility (managed by Ashley Kozak) who signed the band to US Epic Records and released two US/UK albums and 6 Epic singles and one single on Island Records UK (Midnight Fortune). After a period of time Jumbo formed then the Tremeloes management asked two Jumbo members, Bob Benham and Aaron Woolley joined them. Jumbo released three singles, produced by Alan Blakely & Chip (Len) Hawkes (of The Tremeloes) The 2nd single Sitting Thinkin narrowly missed a top 30 spot in the NME and Melody Maker charts.

Benham went on to join The Rubettes. He and Woolley reformed as an Eagles tribute band in the 1990s. Woolley is now an accomplished Jazz and acoustic guitar player based in Perth,. Bob Benham is in the property business in Spain. Tony Lukyn is a music producer, songwriter who lives in the US with Tranquility band members: Terry Shaddick and Kevin MacCarthy.

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