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Jumboplay Games on Demand
Type of site
OwnerDragonback Media
Created byDragonback Media
(Offline since 2009.)

Jumboplay was a video game portal and distributor. Based in South East Asia and launched in 2006, it formed partnerships with major players in the region, namely TM Net, the largest ISP in Malaysia and Sony Picture Entertainment through Animax and AXN.

Jumboplay was the first to adopt subscription-based games on demand for the region. Utilizing digital rights management (DRM) technology, games were available for download and play by all subscribers to the service. Unlike standard digital distribution, Jumboplay applied streaming technology during distribution, allowing users to begin play without needing to download the complete game.

Jumboplay stopped its service in 2009 due to low demand for subscription-based services in the region, especially for online-based streaming content, and its inability to offer the latest and greatest titles from top content producers.

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