Jumeirah Islands

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Jumeirah Islands

جزر الجميرا
Aerial view of Jumeirah Islands
Aerial view of Jumeirah Islands
Coordinates: 25°03′29″N 55°09′13″E / 25.05800°N 55.15368°E / 25.05800; 55.15368Coordinates: 25°03′29″N 55°09′13″E / 25.05800°N 55.15368°E / 25.05800; 55.15368
CountryUnited Arab Emirates
 • Total2 km2 (0.8 sq mi)

Jumeirah Islands (Arabic: جزر الجميرا‎) is a housing development in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, developed by Nakheel Properties, one of Dubai's largest developers. It lies directly inland from Dubai Marina and Jumeirah Lakes Towers, just east of the main spinal highway, Sheikh Zayed Road (E11), between interchanges 5 and 6. [1]Jumeirah Islands consist of small islands (called clusters), each comprising 16 villas. The villas' clusters models design varies from Islamic to Mediterranean architecture. They all sit in an artificial lake filled with salty sea water. The lake is so large that the whole complex has land to water ratio of 23:77[2] The complex includes 50 islands (46 of which are the residential clusters), a restaurant, a supermarket, a Club House, a gym, beauty salons, pharmacy and a leisure facility. Each of the 736 houses has its own swimming pool. The project was completed by the close of 2006. Nearby properties include the Jumeirah Lake Towers and Palm Jumeirah, both built by Nakheel.


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