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Jumeirah Lakes Towers
أبراج بحيرات الجميرا
Almas Tower @ Jumeirah Lakes Towers @ Dubai.jpg
Coordinates: 25°04′32″N 55°08′43″E / 25.07557°N 55.14536°E / 25.07557; 55.14536Coordinates: 25°04′32″N 55°08′43″E / 25.07557°N 55.14536°E / 25.07557; 55.14536
CountryUnited Arab Emirates
 • Total1.8 km2 (0.7 sq mi)

The Jumeirah Lakes Towers (JLT) (Arabic: أبراج بحيرات الجميرا‎) is a large development in Dubai, United Arab Emirates which consists of 80 towers being constructed along the edges of three artificial lakes (Lake Almas West, Lake Almas East, JLT Lake) as well as the JLT Embankment of 8 tower facing Jumeirah Islands.[1] Initially JLT had 4 lakes (Lake Almas West, Lake Almas East, Lake Elucio, Lake Allure), in late 2012 developer (DMCC) announced that lake Elucio would be drained and 55,000 meter park would be created instead.[2] Subsequently, Lake Allure has been renamed to JLT Lake. The total area covered by the lakes, waterways and landscaping will be 730,000-square-metre (7,900,000 sq ft). The towers will range from having 35 floors to having 45, except for the centerpiece (Almas Tower), which is 66 floors. The tallest tower and the centerpiece of the entire complex is Almas Tower which is situated on its own island between Lake Almas West and Lake Almas East.

The completion of Saba Tower in December 2006 marked the first tower to be completed in Jumeirah Lakes Towers. The majority of construction took place in 2008. By April 2011, over 80 percent of the towers in JLT was claimed to have been completed. As of June 2015 there were reported to still be 11 towers being either left undone due to the 2009 crisis or still undergoing construction in JLT.[3] The most prominent of these are Wind Tower 1 and Wind Tower 2 that are part of Cluster B and right on Shk. Zayed Road - they are under construction since more than 12 years.


The towers in JLT proper are organised in 26 clusters of three named from A to Z, each cluster has its own parking structure and a retail waterfront.

List of towers[edit]

The Jumeirah Lake Towers at night
Cluster Tower 1 Tower 2 Tower 3
A A1 - Dubai Gate 2 A2 - Mövenpick Hotels & Residence A3 - Lake Side Residence
B B1 - The Wind Tower II B2 - Lake View B3 - The Wind Tower I
C C1 - Fortune Tower C2 - Gold Crest Executive C3 - The Palladium
D D1 - Indigo Tower D2 - Lake Terrace D3 - Lake City Tower
E E1 - Global Lake View E2 - Al Shera Tower E3 - Saba Tower 1
F F1 - Bobyan Tower F2 - HDS Tower F3 - Indigo Icon
G G1 - Dubai Arch Tower G2 - Jumeirah Business Centre G3 - JBC 9
H H1 - JBC 7 H2 - Concorde H3 - JBC 8
I I1 - Silver Tower I2 - Platinum Tower I3 - Gold Tower
J J1 - Goldcrest Views 2 J2 - Mohammed Ibrahim Tower J3 - Bonnington Tower
K K1 - K2 - IGO 101 K3 -
L L1 - JBC 6 L2 - Preatoni Tower L3 - Icon II
M M1 - HDS Business Centre M2 - M2 M3 - Icon I
N N1 - The Dome Tower N2 - Lake Point Tower N3 - JBC 4
O O1 - Reef Tower O2 - O2 Residence O3 - Madina Tower
P P1 - Armada 1 P2 - Armada 2 P3 - Armada 3
Q Q1 - SABA 3 Q2 - Dubai Gate 1 Q3 - SABA 2
R R1 - Al Waleed Paradise R2 - MAG 214 Tower R3 - Al Saqran Tower
S S1 - Green Lakes Tower 1 S2 - Green Lakes Tower 2 S3 - Green Lakes Tower 3
T T1 - Fortune Executive Tower T2 - 1 Lake Plaza T3 - Pullman Jumeirah Lakes Towers
U U1 - Al Seef Tower 3 U2 - Al Seef Tower 2 U3 - Tamweel Tower
V V1 - JBC 2 V2 - Goldcrest Views 1 V3 - V3 Tower
W W1 - JBC 5 W2 - Tiffany Tower W3 - Oaks Hotel Apartments
X X1 - Jumeirah Bay X1 X2 - Jumeirah Bay X2 X3 - Jumeirah Bay X3
Y Y1 - JBC 3 Y2 - Lakeshore Tower Y3 - Swiss Tower
Z Z1 - Jumeirah Lake Apartments Z2 - Anantara Hotel Z3 - Jumeirah Lake Offices
AA AA1 - Business Avenue AA2 - Amesco Tower AA3 - Corporate Tower
BB BB1 - Business Avenue BB2 - Business Avenue BB3 - SABA 4: 222 m (728 ft); 47 floors
JLTFZ Almas Tower
Stand Alone Building Taj Jumeirah Lakes Towers
Jewellery and Gemplex Jewellery & Gemplex Building 1 Jewellery & Gemplex Building 2 Jewellery & Gemplex Building 3

Hotels and hotel apartments[edit]

In the beginning, there were three operating hotels at Jumeirah Lakes Towers, the first being the Bonnington Jumeirah Lakes Towers, the second being the Armada Bluebay Hotel[4] that opened its doors in September 2014 and the third hotel is Movenpick Jumeirah Lakes Towers.

Pullman Jumeirah Lakes Towers decided to establish its doors to the JLT community. In December 2019, Taj Jumeirah Lakes Towers,[5] a 200-room five-star luxury hotel also resumed operations, making it the most recent addition to the list of hotels in JLT.

Licensed bars[edit]

Dubai's licensing laws require venues serving alcohol to be attached to hotels thus Jumeirah Lakes Towers now has a number of licensed bars within the community's hotels. Bonnington Jumeirah Lakes Towers has McGettigan's JLT and Healy's Bar and Terrace, Armada Bluebay Hotel has Nola Eatery & Social House, Hoxton Bar & Urban Eatery and Pitchers Dubai, Movenpick Jumeirah Lakes Towers has NARA Pan Asian, Couqley French Bistro & Bar, Urban Bar & Kitchen and Jazz@Pizza Express whilst Pullman Jumeirah Lakes Towers has Le Petite Belge. Taj Jumeirah Lakes Towers features the highest rooftop pool bar in JLT called Paros, featuring a scenic view of the Dubai skyline in the 46th floor of the hotel.

Healthcare facilities[edit]

The Armada Medical Center which is part of Armada Group's located in Cluster P Armada Towers[6] is the first and major healthcare facility opened in Jumeirah Lakes Towers followed by Life Medical Center (Cluster V, JBC 2), Aster Medical Centre (Red Diamond Building), Dr. "K" Medical Centre (Cluster F, Indigo Icon Tower) and Optimum Diagnostic Clinic (Cluster X, Jumeirah Bay X3 tower).


The centerpiece is Almas building (Arabic for "the Diamond") comprises floors and houses the Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC) head office as well as Dubai Diamond Exchange. The basement of the tower houses the main diamond vault.


There are currently two Universities in Jumeirah Lake Towers. One is called Saint Petersburg State University of Economics and Finance located in Cluster P Armada Towers and the second University is Synergy University Dubai Campus located in Cluster I, Platinum Tower which offers Bachelor, Masters and MBA programs.

Population and facilities[edit]

The project is estimated to have a resident population of around 60,000 and a working population of another 120,000; it will include 5 children playgrounds, 3 mosques, a 55,000 meter park (Reshaped from Lake Elucio in 2013-2014), a police station, a civil defense station, a hospital and other facilities.

There are two available Dubai metro stations along the site: DAMAC Properties (previously Dubai Marina) and Jumeirah Lakes Towers stations.[7]


On January 18, 2007, two workers were killed and at least 40 injured when a fire broke out in the Fortune Tower, which was under construction at the time.[8] The Fortune Tower's construction was delayed for several months.

In addition, there was a smaller fire reported at the reception area of Tamweel Tower in the U cluster. The only reported injury was an infant who was taken to the hospital to be treated for minor smoke inhalation.

The Dubai Police forensic department released its findings on the fire, which burnt half the building in the early hours of November 18, 2012. According to the report, the fire started at the back of the building on the ground floor, where the waste material was piled by the laborers working on a shop in the building. The waste material contained papers, tapes and woods which fueled the flame.

JLT includes the Al Seef Towers, a group of three apartment buildings. One of these, the Tamweel Tower, was gutted by fire in November 2012. The Tower was repaired by the end of 2016.[9]

On April 22, 2018, a fire broke out in Almas Tower and all residents were evacuated, no reported injuries according to the reports of Dubai Civil Defence.

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