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Film poster
MandarinTiào Chū Qù
CantoneseTiu4 Ceot1 Heoi3
Directed byStephen Fung
Produced byStephen Chow
Chui Po-chu
Han Sanping
Connie Wong
Shi Tung-ming
Jiang Tao
Han Xiaoli
Elvis Lee
Guo Jun
Screenplay byTsang Kan-cheong
Wang Yun
Stephen Fung
Story byStephen Chow
StarringKitty Zhang
Leon Jay Williams
Daniel Wu
Music byRaymond Wong
CinematographyEdmond Fung
Edited byAzrael Chung
Columbia Pictures Film Production Asia Limited
The Star Oversea Ltd.
China Film Group Corporation
Beijing Film Studio
J.A. Media
Distributed byColumbia Pictures
Release date
  • 3 December 2009 (2009-12-03)
Running time
87 minutes
CountryHong Kong

Jump is a 2009 Hong Kong comedy-drama film written and produced by Stephen Chow and directed by Stephen Fung. The film stars Kitty Zhang, Leon Jay Williams and Daniel Wu with action choreography by Yuen Cheung-yan. (Edison Chen was originally the lead actor but due to his 2008 photo scandal, he was replaced by Williams.[1])


Phoenix is a young peasant who dreams of becoming a dance star in the big city. One day, a previous resident of the town comes and offers ten slots at his factory to those interested. Phoenix wins one, but she gives it to her best friend Snow instead. They leave their town and travel to Shanghai. Snow takes a job in garment factory. Phoenix accidentally gets a job there, too.

She sneaks out at night and takes another job as a janitor in a dance studio so she can learn enough to be in a hip hop street dance competition. After running into her several times, the owner of the studio helps her take dance classes. Eventually, he (Ron Chan) begins to drop his playboy exterior and takes her out to dinner. One day though, Phoenix catches him saying cruel things about her on the phone, although he tells her its just publicity. Suspicious, she follows him to the airport and sees him meeting a woman there. Phoenix flees back to her home, leaving Ron and Snow confused about where she went.

In her village, Phoenix realizes that she has to follow her dreams no matter what and returns to Shanghai in time for the dance competition. She steps in when one of the dancers sprains her ankle. Despite Phoenix's great dancing, the team loses to the Korean team, South City Crew. All her friends showed up to the competition though, and they reunite joyfully despite losing. A surprise addition to the party is the woman from the airport, who turns out to be Ron's sister. Phoenix and Ron make up and end up together again.

During the credits, Phoenix and her friends are seen returning to the village and teaching everyone to dance to hip hop. Even the scarecrow is dressed in hip-hop clothing.


  • Kitty Zhang as Phoenix
  • Leon Jay Williams as Ron Chan
  • Daniel Wu as doctor (cameo)
  • Yao Wenxue
  • Yuen Cheung-yan
  • Samuel Pang
  • Fung Min-hun
  • Lee Sheung-ching
  • Prudence Kao
  • Zhang Jiangcui
  • Lisa Li


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