Jump Bug

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Jump Bug
Jump Bug Poster.png
Arcade flyer for Jump Bug.
Developer(s) Hoei/Coreland
Alpha Denshi
Designer(s) Hoei Corporation
Platform(s) Arcade, Arcadia 2001
Release date(s)
Genre(s) Platformer
Mode(s) Up to two players, alternating turns
Arcade system Sega Z80
(Namco Galaxian)

Jump Bug was the first platform game to include smooth horizontal and vertical scrolling. It was developed by Alpha Denshi under contract for Hoei/Coreland,[2] and released to arcades in 1981.[1]


Gameplay of Jump Bug.

A player controls a constantly bouncing car while driving through various environments including a city, pyramid and underwater. Unlike most other scrolling games of the time, the main character, a buggy is jumping constantly. The height of the jump and speed of a fall can be controlled with up and down key. Player is also able to shoot down various enemies that appear on a stage. Points are gained by collecting treasure, killing enemies and jumping on clouds.[3]


Jump Bug was ported to the Emerson Arcadia and the Leisure Vision system in Canada. It was one of the few games for these systems that was graphically quite good and equally fun to play.


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