Jun Hee Lee

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Jun Hee Lee
Jun Hee Lee.jpg
Born St. Louis, MO
Occupation Actor
Height 5'9"

Jun Hee Lee is a Korean-American actor. He was born in St. Louis, Missouri and he attended Boston University. Jun Hee is an Aquarius.

Acting career[edit]

Jun Hee's most recent film role was that of "Derrick" in Vampires Suck. He played the title character in the 2004 film Ethan Mao. In 2005 he played "Jimmy" in American Pie: Band Camp and he played "Kevin" in the gory independent horror film KatieBird *Certifiable Crazy Person.

Lee's TV credits include: "Quan" on the The Mindy Project, "Simon" on House, and he also made guest starring roles in the popular Nickelodeon TV series Drake & Josh.

Lee also voiced the blind, teenage assassin "Con Smith" in the video game Killer7 for GameCube and PS2.

Lee was the host of AZN's prime TV show Asia Street. He also hosted AZN's most watched music video show Revolution.


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