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Jun Miki (三木淳, Miki Jun, 1919–1992) was a Japanese photographer and one of Japan's pioneers in photojournalism.[1] He was the first Japanese photographer to publish in Life Magazine. The Selection Committee of Nikon Salon established the Miki Jun Award in 1999 to remember his legacy.

Books showing Miki's works[edit]

  • Dokyumentarī no jidai: Natori Yōnosuke, Kimura Ihee, Domon Ken, Miki Jun no shashin kara (ドキュメンタリーの時代:名取洋之助・木村伊兵衛・土門 拳・三木淳の写真から) / The Documentary Age: Photographs by Natori Younosuke, Kimura Ihee, Domon Ken, and Miki Jun. Tokyo: Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography, 2001. An exhibition catalogue. Captions in both Japanese and English, other text in Japanese only.


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