Jun Murai

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Jun Murai
Jun Murai.jpg
Jun Murai
Born 29 March 1955 (1955-03-29)
Tokyo, Japan
Nationality Japanese
Institutions Keio University
Alma mater Keio University
Notable awards Internet Hall of Fame
IEEE Internet Award
IPSJ Fellow
Jonathan B. Postel Service Award

Jun Murai (村井 純 Murai Jun?, born March 29, 1955 in Tokyo) is a Japanese computer scientist, known as "the father of Japan's Internet".[1] A professor at Keio University, Murai is the founder of JUNET and founder of the WIDE Project. Murai graduated from Keio University in 1979 and received a Ph.D. from the same school in 1984.

On October 1, 2009, Murai became the Dean of the Faculty of Environment and Information Studies.[2][3] Murai was awarded the 2011 IEEE Internet Award "For his leadership in the development and deployment of the global Internet, especially across the Asia-Pacific region.” Murai entered the Internet Hall of Fame in 2013.[4]


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