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Jun Togawa
戸川 純
Born (1961-03-31) March 31, 1961 (age 60)
Shinjuku, Tokyo
New wave
Occupation(s)Singer, musician, actress
Years active1979-present

Jun Togawa (戸川純, Togawa Jun, born 31 March 1961) is a Japanese singer, musician and actress.


After gaining attention as an actress and as guest singer for the Halmens, she began her professional music career in the early 1980s as a singer. [1][2]

Although her eccentric personality and unconventional style prevented her from attaining major pop success, she survived as an influential and respected underground music figure both solo and as the lead singer of Guernica (1982–89) with former Halmens member Koji Ueno and her most commercial project the Yapoos (1984-1995 and occasionally since). Over the years she has formed many temporary backing bands such as the Jun Togawa Unit to accompany her. Generally the differentiation between her self-named bands and the Yapoos is a greater degree of collaboration in the latter.

Notable collaborators over the years have been Haruomi Hosono who produced and wrote music for some of her earlier works. Her late sister Kyoko Togawa was an actress who at times ventured into the music world and cross collaborated at times. Around 1990 Jun shared management with Susumu Hirasawa resulting in quite a number of collaborations.

She has acted in a number of films, including Untamagiru and The Family Game.[citation needed]

Her 2004 album, Togawa Fiction, with the Jun Togawa Band, featured elements of progressive rock, electropop and other genres. In 2008, she released a career-spanning three-CD boxed set, Togawa Legend Self Select Best & Rare 1979-2008 which featured many of her most popular songs along with several scarcer tracks and hard to find collaborations.[citation needed]

In a 2001 interview, influential alternative musician and producer Jim O'Rourke, amongst others, picked a Togawa cover song album 20th Jun Togawa as one of his "best albums of the year."

She marked the 35th anniversary of her professional career in 2016 by releasing new collaboration albums with Vampillia and Hijokaidan, her first new recordings in twelve years.[3]


Original albums[edit]

  • [1982.xx.xx] Kaizou E No Yakudou Guernica
  • [1984.01.24] Tamahime-sama (Jun Togawa)
  • [1984.04.25] Ura-Tamahime (live) (Jun Togawa with Yapoos)
  • [1985.03.25] Kyokuto Ian Shoka (Jun Togawa Unit)
  • [1985.11.10] Suki Suki Daisuki (Jun Togawa)
  • [1987.12.16] Yapoos Keikaku (Yapoos)
  • [1988.xx.xx] Shinseiki E No Unga (Guernica)
  • [1988.09.21] Daitenshi No Youni (Yapoos)
  • [1989.03.05] Denri-sou Kara no Manazashi Guernica
  • [1989.12.16] Showa Kyonen (Jun Togawa)
  • [1991.06.07] Dial Y O Mawase (Yapoos)
  • [1992.10.28] Dadada ism (Yapoos)
  • [1995.01.31] Yapoos No Fushin Na Koudou (live 1993) (Yapoos)
  • [1995.06.21] HYS (Yapoos)
  • [2000.09.25] 20th Jun Togawa (Jun Togawa)
  • [2004.09.02] Togawa Fiction (Jun Togawa Band)
  • [2016.01.20] "Togawa Kaidan (戸川階段)" Collaboration with Hijokaidan.[4]
  • [2016.12.14] Watashi Ga Nakou Hototogisu (Jun Togawa with Vampillia)
  • [2018.11.21] Jun Togawa avec Kei Ookubo (Jun Togawa with Kei Ookubo) [5]
  • [2019.12.11] ヤプーズの不審な行動 令和元年 - Suspicious Behavior Of Yapoos The 1st Year Of Reiwa Era (Yapoos) [6]

Singles, EPs[edit]

  • [1982.12.05] Ginrin wa Utau / Maronie Dokuhon Guernica
  • [1984.05.25] Radar Man / Boshi Jusei (Jun Togawa)
  • [1985.04.10] Poesy / Poesy instrumental (Jun Togawa)
  • [1985.10.25] Osozaki Girl (Jun Togawa)
  • [1986.02.10] Sayonara wo Oshiete (Jun Togawa)
  • [1987.12.16] Barbara Sexaroid / Cecil Cut (Yapoos)
  • [1990.10.21] Virgin Blues (Jun Togawa)
  • [1991.07.21] Infinite Productions Remix (Jun Togawa in the '90s)
  • [1991.05.02] Men's Junan (Yapoos)
  • [1995.03.01] Honou no Shoujo (Yapoos)
  • [2003.04.10] CD-Y (mini-album) (Yapoos)


  • [1987.xx.xx] Tokyo No Yaban (Tokyo Barbarism) (Jun Togawa) Remixed compilation
  • [1991.05.21] Yapoos Best (Yapoos)
  • [1996.09.26] Twins Super Best of Togawa Jun (2-CD set)
  • [2001.12.19] Twin Very Best Collection (2-CD set) (Jun Togawa)
  • [2002.12.04] In Memoria Futuri (three CD boxed set comprising Guernica's three original albums plus demos, live tracks, outtakes and live video footage of Guernica performing "Dokuro no enbukyoku" at Club Quattro, Shibuya, Tokyo on 27 July 1988) (Guernica)
  • [2008.07.09] Togawa Legend Self Select Best & Rare 1979-2008 (3 CD boxed set) (Jun Togawa)
  • [2009.07.22] Teichiku Works. Jun Togawa 30th Anniversary (6 CDs and 3 DVDs). The first 5 CDs are reissued albums with bonus tracks, the sixth CD features previously unreleased live and demo recordings of Guernica.
  • [2012.07.25] Mushi no Onna - Mika Ninagawa Selection

Notable guest appearances[edit]

  • [1984.08.25] Chojiku Korodasutan Ryokoki (Apogee & Perigee) Jun Togawa provides vocals for 4 tracks.
  • [1985.00.00] Shijin no Ie (House Of The Poet) (Joe Jackson & The Tokyo Symphony Orchestra) Jun Togawa provides all vocals.
  • [1989.09.01] Water in Time and Space (Susumu Hirasawa) Jun Togawa provides vocals for the track No Workshop (仕事場はタブー, Shigotoba wa Taboo).
  • [1990.05.25] The Ghost in Science (Susumu Hirasawa) Jun Togawa provides vocals for the tracks Rocket (ロケット, Roketto) & Cowboy and Indian (カウボーイとインディアン, Kaubōi to Indian).
  • [1990.10.25] error CD (Susumu Hirasawa) Jun Togawa provides vocals for the track Rocket (ロケット, Roketto).
  • [1991.05.25] Virtual Rabbit (Susumu Hirasawa) Jun Togawa provides vocals for the track Clear Mountain Top (山頂晴れて, Sanchō Harete).
  • [1992.06.xx] Histoire du Soldat (Neko Saito, Koichi Makigami, Jun Togawa, Demon Kogure) Jun Togawa plays the part of the Princess and also narrates this version of Igor Stravinsky's piece, conducted by Neko Saito.
  • [2001.08.30] All Dogs Go To Heaven (CD Soundtrack to Keralino Sandorovich's stage play) Jun Togawa sings on three tracks: Rawhide (ローハイド, Rōhaido), Open The Night and Falling In Love Again (また恋しちゃったのよ, Mata koi shichatta no yo)
  • [2002.03.26] Dreams (Otomo Yoshihide's New Jazz Ensemble) Jun Togawa provides vocals for 3 tracks.
  • [2005.01.15] Good Girls Get Fed, Bad Girls Get Eaten (Tricomi featuring Jun Togawa) Jun Togawa provides vocals for six of the eight tracks.
  • [2012.02.29] HALDYN DOME (Susumu Hirasawa) Box Set that contains all previous appearances.
  • [2017.10.25] "Like the 20th Century" (Kei Ohkubo) Jun Togawa provides guest vocals for Vocalise No.1 and 20 Seiki Mitai Ni


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