Nevado Juncal

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Nevado Juncal
Juncal from Col des Libérateurs.jpg
Elevation 6,110 m (20,050 ft)
Listing Region high point
Nevado Juncal is located in Argentina
Nevado Juncal
Nevado Juncal
Location in Argentina, on the border with Chile
Location Chile / Argentina
Range Andes
Coordinates 33°02′25″S 70°05′01″W / 33.04028°S 70.08361°W / -33.04028; -70.08361Coordinates: 33°02′25″S 70°05′01″W / 33.04028°S 70.08361°W / -33.04028; -70.08361
First ascent 1911
Federico Reichert, Robert Helbling and Damasio Beíza
Juncal Sur Glacier
Type Mountain glacier
Location Chile
Juncal Norte Glacier
Type Mountain glacier
Location Chile

Nevado Juncal is a mountain in located at the head of Aconcagua Valley on the border between Chile and Argentina. The mountain hosts several glaciers including Juncal Norte and Juncal Sur Glacier.


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