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Junction station

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Sargans railway station (Switzerland) is a junction station located on the junction (Keilbahnhof) of two railway lines

Junction station usually refers to a railway station situated either on (in German this is called a Keilbahnhof) or close to a junction where lines to several destinations diverge. The usual minimum is three incoming lines. At a station with platforms running from left to right, the minimum to qualify as a junction station would usually be one line on the left and two on the right (or vice versa).

This is not to be confused with a station where there is one through line, but single track on one side while double track on the other. In this case, all trains passing through the station can reach only one destination as their next station.

Commonly, junction stations have multiple platform faces to enable trains for multiple destinations to stand at the station at the same time, but this is not necessary.

There are many stations with the word 'junction' in their title, such as those below:

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  • U Tapao Junction (Songkhla Province)

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  • Bangsue Junction
  • Ban Phachi Junction
  • Ban Dara Junction
  • Kaeng Khoi Junction
  • Thanon Chira Junction
  • Bua Yai Junction
  • Chachoengsao Junction
  • Khlong Sip Kao Junction
  • Si Racha Junction
  • Khao Chi Chan Junction
  • Taling Chan Junction
  • Nong Pladuk Junction
  • Ban Thung Pho Junction
  • Thung Song Junction
  • Khao Chum Thong Junction
  • Haad Yai Junction
  • Nong Bua Junction
  • Ban Phai Na Bun Junction
  • Chumphon Junction