June 1988 Haitian coup d'état

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The June 1988 Haitian coup d'état took place on 20 June 1988, when Henri Namphy overthrew Leslie Manigat.[1] Manigat, who won the military-controlled Haitian presidential election, 1988, had taken office on 7 February.

On 14 June 1988, a number of military reassignments were made by Henri Namphy, including transferring Colonel Jean-Claude Paul to army headquarters and making him Assistant Head of the General Staff.[1] Paul telephoned President Leslie Manigat to protest the move, and the following day Manigat issued a statement cancelling the changes, and saying that he, as constitutional head of the army, had not been consulted.[1] On 19 June Manigat retired Namphy, saying he had been preparing a coup.[1] On 20 June Namphy ousted Manigat in a coup d'état, declaring himself President with Col. Jean-Claude Paul at his side.[1]

The coup was followed some months later by the September 1988 Haitian coup d'état in which Prosper Avril overthrew Henri Namphy.


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