June 2000 Chechnya suicide bombings

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June 2000 Chechnya suicide bombings
Part of Second Chechen War
Chechen in Russia.svg
Location of Chechnya in Russia
LocationChechnya, North Caucasian Federal District, Russia
Date6 June 2004
Attack type
suicide attack
Weaponscar bomb
Deaths2 — Russia claimed
27 — rebels claimed
Non-fatal injuries

The June 2000 Chechnya suicide bombings were Chechnya's first suicide attacks with car bombs.

On June 6, 2000, the 17-year-old Khava Barayeva (relative of Arbi Barayev), accompanied by 16-year-old Luiza Magomadova, drove a truck loaded with explosives through a checkpoint of an OMON base at Alkhan-Yurt in Chechnya. Barayeva detonated her bomb outside the barracks, killing a number of paramilitary police troops (rebels claimed up to 27 were killed, but the Russians claimed only two were killed and five were injured).

Another suicide bombing, which killed two OMON troops at a checkpoint leading to the Khankala base, was carried five days later on June 11 by a former Russian prisoner of war Sergey Dimitriyev who had converted to Islam and joined the rebels while in captivity.


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