June 2020 Afghanistan attacks

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In June 2020, insurgents carried out attacks in Badakhshan and Kabul Provinces of Afghanistan.[1]

On 6 June 2020, a roadside bomb killed 11 members of the Afghan security forces when it hit their vehicle, which was responding to attacks on checkpoints in Khash District, Badakhshan Province.[1] Four insurgents were also killed.[1] On the same day, three police officers were killed in a shootout in Guldara District, Kabul Province.[1]

On 12 June 2020, a Sunni mosque in Kabul was bombed, killing four people and injuring another eight.[2]

On 29 June 2020, rockets hit a cattle market in Sangin District, Helmand Province, killing at least 23 people. The government and the Taliban blamed each other for the attack.[3]


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