June Appal Recordings

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June Appal Recordings
June Appal Recordings logo.png
Founded 1974
Founder Appalshop
Genre Appalachian, old time, bluegrass, country, Americana, roots music
Country of origin United States
Location Whitesburg, Kentucky, United States
Official website www.appalshop.org

June Appal Recordings was established by Appalshop to record and distribute music of and from Central Appalachia. Artists with June Appal releases include Buell Kazee, Morgan Sexton, Lee Sexton, Carla Gover, Nimrod Workman and others. Over the last thirty years, June Appal has released more than eighty titles, many of which are available through their online store. June Appal also distributes compilation recordings taken from the annual Seedtime on the Cumberland festival which is held in Whitesburg, Kentucky every June.


Passin' Thru the Garden Nimrod Workman 1974 JA0001
New Wood Si Kahn 1975 JA0002
How Can I Keep From Singing? John McCutcheon 1975 JA0003
Grandfather's Greatest Hits, Vol. I Roadside Theater 1976 JA0004
Aunt Dinah's Quilting Party New River Boys 1975 JA0005
Brown Lung Cotton Mill Blues Mountain Musicians Cooperative 1975 JA0006
Deep in Tradition Tommy Hunter 1975 JA0007
The Eagle and the Sparrow Jon Sundell 1976 JA0008
Buell Kazee Buell Kazee 1978 JA0009
Red Wing I. D. Stamper 1977 JA0010
They Can't Put It Back Mike Kline and Rich Kirby 1977 JA0012
Ballads for the Sad Café Jack Wright Unreleased Unreleased JA0013
The Wind That Shakes the Barley John McCutcheon 1977 JA0014
Plank Road Plank Road String Band 1978 JA0015
Banish Misfortune Daglish and Larsen 1978 Cassette/LP JA0016
Cold & Lonesome on a Train Sparky Rucker 1977 JA0017
For My Friends of Song Betty Smith 1977 Cassette/LP JA0018
65 Years of Irish Music Michael J. Kennedy 1977 JA0019
Been a Long Time Traveling Addie Graham 1978 JA0020
Green Rocky Road Guy Carawan 1977 JA0021
From the Depths of My Soul Earl Gilmore 1977 JA0022
Sycamore Tea Dutch Cove Old Time String Band 1978 Cassette JA0023
Mountain Swing Luke Smathers 1978 LP JA0024
Mountain State Music Andrew F. Boarman 1978 JA0025
The First of Autumn Daglish and Larsen 1978 Cassette/LP JA0026
Shuffle Rag Andy Cohen 1980 LP JA0027
From Earth to Heaven Wry Straw 1978 Cassette JA0028
Jubilee Guy Carawan 1979 N/A JA0029
Road to Home Marion Sumner 1980 LP JA0030
Dixie Highway Sign Robin and Linda Williams 1979 Cassette/LP JA0031
The 5th Generation Gary Brewer and Phil Sexton 1997 Cassette/CD JA0076
Banjer Days Various Artists 1999 Cassette/CD JA0077
Gems Lily May Ledford 2000 Cassette/CD JA0078
Last Possum Up the Tree George Gibson 2000 Cassette/CD JA0079
Whoa Mule (Reissue) Lee Sexton 2001 CD JA0080
Butter Beans Papa Joe Smiddy 2001 CD JA0081
Cold Icy Mountain Brett Ratliff 2008 CD JA0084
The June Appal Recordings Uncle Charlie Osborne 2008 CD JA0085

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