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June Dally-Watkins (born 1927) is an Australian businesswoman and fashion-model. In 1950 she started the Southern Hemisphere's first personal development school in Sydney to train young women in etiquette and deportment. A year later, she started Australia's first model agency and modelling school and later established a Business Finishing College.[1] She remains Australia's best known expert in etiquette and elocution and frequently comments on that topic in the media.[2][3]

She was featured on the popular Australian television show Bogan Hunters on 7mate in 2014, where she provided information relating to etiquette to the winners of the series.[4]

As of 2019 she is teaching etiquette to women in China.[5]

Personal life[edit]

She once had a romantic relationship with Gregory Peck. She married John Clifford, a naval officer, but separated in 1968. The couple had four sons and daughters.[5]


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