Jung, brutal, gutaussehend

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Jung, brutal, gutaussehend
Jung, brutal, gutaussehend - Cover.jpg
Studio album by Kollegah & Farid Bang
Released 2009
Genre Hip Hop
Label Selfmade Records
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Jung, brutal, gutaussehend (German for Young, brutal, good-looking) is a German rap album by Kollegah and Farid Bang. It was released on June 19, 2009 on Selfmade Records. The album reached position #30 in the German charts.


Düsseldorf-based rapper Farid Bang explained after the release of his debut album Asphalt Massaka, in 2008, that he won't record an album in 2009. As well Kollegah confirmed not to record for his own.

Later, many rumors were on the internet saying that both rappers had teamed up to record an album together. Following these rumors, Farid Bang appealed to Kollegah the idea of recording an album. Then both rappers began working on their album, in spite of their statements not to record in 2009.[1]

Farid Bang was also featured on the Selfmade Records album Chronik 2 on the track "Westdeutschlands Kings" with Kollegah and Favorite

The finishing process of the album took three months.[2]

Singer Billy13 was the only guest appearance on the album, that had been involved in the production. She got involved because of her good relationship to Farid Bang. She sings the hookline of "Butterfly". Billy13 is also known for her past collaboration with German rapper Bushido.[3]

Jung, brutal, gutaussehend released as Standard and as "Steelbox Edition". The latter was limited to 1500 copies, and can only be purchased through the mail-Amazon. The box features the album, a T-shirt signed by Kollegah and Farid Bang, a poster and a bonus CD with a new song, titled "Miami Vice".


Kollegah and Farid Bang on the cover of the July issue of the Juice (2009)

In a review by Max Brandl for the E-Zine Laut.de was Jung, brutal, gutaussehend two out of five possible evaluation points and was considered so much worse than Kollegah's previous solo albums Alphagene and Kollegah. Compared to these are his contributions to the album "nearly disastrous". The instrumentals were all being judged negatively, except for the beats to Schwarzgeld, Mitternacht and Der Härteste im Land. Overall, the cooperation of Farid Bang and Kollegah did not work quite well: "Not that both would steal the show from each other – unfortunately no. Both forfeit their particular strengths." Furthermore, Brandl criticized Kollegah's arrogant talk would abate bored fatigue. As a result of dissing many German rappers such as Samy Deluxe, Farid Bang would irritate and seem embarrassing. Despite all the negative criticism, Kollegah would show in songs like Banger und Boss or Die Härtesten im Land that he remains one of the best rappers in Germany and that publishing a solo album in 2010 would more reasonable for both Farid Bang and Kollegah.[4]

The desk of Rap.de noted that the multifacetedness of Jung, brutal, gutaussehend can also be seen positively because the album would be "uncompromising" and thus counter the zeitgeist. The tracks Banger und Boss and Sonnenbank Pimps have been emphasized positively due to the double time skills of both rappers. The tracks Alphamassaka, Flaschen auf die Türsteher and Crime Time as well as the contribution of Billy13, whose voice did not fit into the context of the album were evaluated negatively by the editors. Farid Bang would sound like Kollegah most intensive, regarding to his flow and lyrical comparisons. Kollegah would rap entertaining and well-made verses but still, they can not reach the high level of his previous albums.[5]

The hip-hop magazine Backspin rated three out of five possible rating points to the album. The two rappers would fulfill the low expectations that came up before the release due to the low thematic variety. Although there is not much substance, Farid Bang and Kollegah still "entertain on a high level". Backspin ascribes this to the humorous lyrical comparisons. According to the opinion of Backspin the tracks Gangbanger, Die Härtesten im Land and Jung, brutal, gutaussehend are the best tracks of the album. Finally, they have stated that the audience should not take the album tracks too seriously.[6]

The album received positive feedback from the magazine Juice. The album would unite "the best of both ganglands." Especially Kollegah's verse in Gangbanger was praised that its lyric would be so technically advanced, as it is almost never in German rap. However, what turns out more negative are the opinions on Farid Bang's double-time verse, the contribution of Billy13 and the less variety of composition. All in all, the album is, however, "one of the best German rap albums in the first half of 2009." The desks' final rating is four and a half out of six possible crowns.[7]


In June 2012, Jung, brutal, gutaussehend was indicated by the Federal Department for Media Harmful for Young. Due to the indexing the sale to minors in Germany and advertising is no longer possible.[8] Petra Meier, deputy chairman of the Federal Department for Media Harmful for Young, mentioned the reasons for the indexing such as "the views expressed in these songs that are dramatic depictions of violence". The federal agency had to "balance between the art of freedom […] and youth protection", but saw "youth protection issues as a priority".[9]

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Producer(s) Length
1. "Intro" Vizir 2:23
2. "Ghettosuperstars" Rizbo 4:17
3. "Banger und Boss" (Banger and boss) Woroc 3:41
4. "Flaschen auf den Türsteher" (Bottles on the doorman)   3:49
5. "Sonnenbank Pimps" (Sunbed pimps)   3:16
6. "Alphamassaka" Rizbo 3:54
7. "Gangbanger"   2:58
8. "Schwarzgeld" (Black money) Woroc 4:01
9. "Mitternacht" (Midnight) Woroc 3:41
10. "Die Härtesten im Land" (The toughest in the country) Woroc 3:22
11. "Wir ficken ein paar Bonzen" (We fuck some fat cats[10]) Rizbo 3:54
12. "Die Straße kuckt zu" (The street is watching)   3:50
13. "Butterfly" (featuring Billy13) Rizbo 3:33
14. "Crime Time"   4:08
15. "Jung, brutal, gutaussehend" (Young, brutal, good-looking) Rizbo 4:21


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