Seo Jung-hack

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Seo Jung-hack
Revised Romanization Seo Jeong-hak
McCune–Reischauer Sŏ Chŏnghak

Seo Jung-hack (Korean: 서정학) is a South Korean baritone singer.


1990s and 2000s[edit]

South Korean Baritone to Perform with the Metropolitan Opera Company (1997–98).

After graduated from Seoul National University, Jung-Hack Seo entered the Curtis Institute of Music.

The New York Times Dated on April 3, 1996 [1]

He debuted with the San Francisco Operain 1993 where he was the First Asian singer to win the Schwabache Family Award.

In 1996, Seo went on to win the Metropolitan Opera Competition and enter the Metropolitan Opera Young Artist Development Program.

In 1997, he performed the title role in "Ill Barbiere di Siviglia" and other programs with the Metropolitan Opera Company.

In 1997, he entered the Operalia, The World Opera Competition and placed second.

He has performed with numerous world class opera companies besides the Metropolitan Opera, such as the Wiener Staatsoper. The Opera Company of Philadelphia, the Connecticut Grand Opra, Tulsa Opera, the Dallas Opera, The San Francisco Opera ad the Opera of the Pacific.

He studied under In-Young Lee, Marlena Malas, Renata Scotto, Robert Merill.

2000s - present[edit]

2006 Don Carlo at Seoul Arts Center [2] 2004 Oct. Lucia Di Lanmermoor at Seoul Arts Center [3]

Performance in Japan[edit]

2010 June 11 "REINCARNAZIONE" Vol.3 Finale The Road To Music at Bunkamura Orchard Hall
performed with Tokyo Philharmony Orchestra, Conducted by Mr. Park Sang-Hyun
2009 July 17 Solo Concert "REINCARNAZIONE" Vol.2 l'Indicatore stradale poi l'amore at Ginza Oji Hall
2009 July 14 Solo Concert "REINCARNAZIONE" Vol.2 l'Indicatore stradale poi l'amore at Kyoto Concert Hall
2009 April 10 Solo Concert "REINCARNAZIONE" Vol.1 La Confession at Ginza Oji Hall
2009 March 6 Solo Concert "REINCARNAZIONE" Prelude Svegliando at Saloon Tezzerra
2008 March and May Gala Concert>br> 2004 December 19 "Beethoven No.9 At Tokorozawa"

Awards and distinctions[edit]


Jung-Hack Seo at Ginza Oji Hall
17 July. 2009

In Japan: SEO MUSICA UNITA(Self management house) supported by WINNINGRUN MUSICA(WINNINGRUN Co., Ltd.)
Other than Korea : Produce and management by WINNINGRUN CO., Ltd. ( Dated on Dec 09 2009 )


The American Russian Youth Orchestra in Concert

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