Jung Dong-hwan

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Jung Dong-hwan
Jeong Dong-Hwan from acrofan.jpg
Born (1949-08-05) August 5, 1949 (age 70)
Years active1969-present
Spouse(s)Jung Yoon-sun
Children1 son, 2 daughters[1]
Korean name
Revised RomanizationJeong Dong-hwan
McCune–ReischauerChŏng Tong-hwan

Jung Dong-hwan (born August 5, 1949) is a South Korean actor. Jung began his career in theater, then was most active in Korean cinema in the 1980s, with leading roles in Late Autumn (1982), Jung-kwang's Nonsense (1986), and A Top Knot on Montmartre (1987).[2][3] As he grew older, Jung appeared more frequently in television, notably in The Last Station (1987), Three Kim Generation (1998), Winter Sonata (2002), Rustic Period (2002), Immortal Admiral Yi Sun-sin (2004) and Freedom Fighter, Lee Hoe-young (2010).[4][5]



Year Title Role
1982 Late Autumn[6] Min-gi
1986 Getting on the Elevator Taek-gu
Jung-kwang's Nonsense[7] Go Chang-ryul/Jung-kwang
1987 Blue Heart
A Top Knot on Montmartre Jin-ho
A Street Musician Yoon-soo
1990 Going Out at Dawn Jung-yong
1992 Mother's Field Min Yong-chul
1993 The Scent at the Edge of the World
1994 The Story of Two Women
2001 The Rhapsody Otan
2005 Wet Dreams 2 Oh Sung-eun's father (cameo)
Murder, Take One General manager Nam
2007 Seven Days[8] Kang Sang-man
2008 26 Years Diary Lee Soo-hyun's father

Television series[edit]

Year Title Role Network
1978 Wild Geese KBS
1979 Mrs. Cha's Village KBS1
Some Woman
1980 Newlywed Woman KBS2
1981 Horrifying Fantasies KBS2
1982 Promised Land KBS1
Conditions of Love KBS2
Three Sisters KBS1
On Fire KBS1
1985 TV Novel: The Sky at Daybreak KBS1
Hometown Dong-hyuk KBS2
Stars on the Prairie KBS2
1987 TV Novel: Love KBS1
The Last Station Baek Sang-woo MBC
1988 We Don't Know Either Hyun Sang-ho MBC
1989 Two Sunsets KBS1
Winter Mist Kang Jin-woo MBC
Heaven's Order KBS2
An Angel's Choice MBC
1990 Freezing Point KBS2
Are You Still Dreaming Kim Hyuk-joo KBS2
The Land of Fire KBS2
1991 Near the Valley Hee-jo KBS2
Eyes of Dawn Prosecutor Kim Seung-won MBC
Flowers That Never Wilt Yoo Dong-soo KBS1
1992 Listening to Mozart on Wednesdays Jung In-tak KBS2
The Windy Forest KBS2
Trilogy of Mystery "Golden Section" KBS2
1993 Whisky and Pork Ribs KBS1
Sisters MBC
Sorrowful Youth KBS2
The Faraway Ssongba River Sergeant Kim Kwang-ho SBS
1994 The Tragedy of Y SBS
Challenge Min Dong-joon MBC
A Human Land KBS2
Oldest Sister Seo Kang-wook MBC
1995 Dazzling Dawn Oh Kyung-seok KBS1
War and Love MBC
Thaw SBS
1996 Until We Can Love KBS2
Colors "The Reason Gray Is Beautiful" Seo-hoon KBS2
August Bride Dr. Moon Do-il SBS
1997 Where Women Dwell KBS2
Model SBS
Three Days of War KBS1
1998 Three Kim Generation Kim Jong-pil SBS
Purity KBS2
White Nights 3.98 Colonel Woo SBS
Winners Lawyer Park Chan-min SBS
1999 Kuk-hee Min Young-jae MBC
TV Novel: Bird Dad KBS1
Encounter Jang Moon-soo KBS2
2000 Love Story "Rose" Jong-gu SBS
Look Back in Anger Detective subsection chief KBS2
TV Novel: Dandelion KBS1
Autumn in My Heart Professor Yoon KBS2
Roll of Thunder Yi Dal KBS2
2001 Legend SBS
2002 Winter Sonata[9] Kim Jin-woo KBS2
The Dawn of the Empire Choe Ji-mong KBS1
Loving You Manager Jin KBS2
Rustic Period Choi Dong-yeol SBS
2003 Over the Green Fields Chairman Shin KBS2
Drama City "For William" Yong-joo KBS2
Screen Park Jin-sub SBS
Pearl Necklace Kim Jae-man KBS2
So, Neighbors iTV
Pretty Woman Bang Jae-ha MBC
2004 Magic Oh Jung-man SBS
Immortal Admiral Yi Sun-sin Yun Doo-su KBS1
When a Man Is in Love Chairman Kang SBS
Kaikyo wo Wataru Violin
(The Violin Across the Channel)
Jin Jae-ki Fuji TV
2005 Drama City "Dad's Having an Affair" Kang Ji-man KBS2
Loveholic Kim Soo-bong KBS2
Lovers in Prague Ji Kyung-hwan SBS
2006 Tree of Heaven Yoon Soo-ha SBS
Spring Waltz Yoon Myung-hoon KBS2
A Woman's Choice Kim Chang-an KBS2
One Fine Day Park Jin-kwon MBC
Yeon Gaesomun Yeon Taesu SBS
2007 Mermaid Story Nam Soo-in's father TVN
Heaven & Earth Yoon Jae-doo KBS1
The Devil Kang Dong-hyun KBS2
How to Meet a Perfect Neighbor Go Chang-shik SBS
New Heart Park Jae-hyun MBC
2008 King Sejong the Great Jo Mal-saeng KBS1
2009 The Return of Iljimae Choi Myung-kil MBC
Can Anyone Love Hong Min-kyu SBS
The Accidental Couple Kim Jung-wook KBS2
Hot Blood Company president Song KBS2
I'll Give You Everything Cha Soon-chul KBS2
2010 The Reputable Family Jang Gil-taek KBS1
Pasta Choi Hyun-wook's mentor chef MBC
A Man Called God Lee Hyeong-seob MBC
Dong Yi[10] Oh Tae-suk MBC
Three Sisters Kim Won-bin SBS
Freedom Fighter, Lee Hoe-young Lee Hoe-yeong KBS1
The President Han Dae-woon (cameo) KBS2
2011 While You Were Sleeping Chae Dae-pil SBS
The Princess' Man King Munjong KBS2
Scent of a Woman Kim Dong-myung SBS
2012 Feast of the Gods[11] Ha Young-bum MBC
Korean Peninsula Oh Chang-il TV Chosun
Phantom Kim Seok-joon SBS
Dream of the Emperor Kim Yongchun KBS1
Childless Comfort Ha In-chul's father in-law jTBC
2013 You Are the Best![12] Lee Chang-hoon (guest) KBS2
Nine Choi Jin-chul TVN
I Can Hear Your Voice Seo Dae-seok SBS
Ruby Ring Bae Chang-geun KBS2
The Heirs[13] Kim Nam-yun SBS
2014 You're All Surrounded[14] Yoo Moon-bae SBS
Endless Love Kim Geon-pyo SBS
Sweet Secret Han Pan-suk KBS2
Punch Kim Sang-min SBS
2015 The Jingbirok: A Memoir of Imjin War KBS1
Mask Byun Dae-sung SBS
This is My Love Park Hyun-soo's father jTBC
2016 Uncontrollably Fond Yoon Sung-ho KBS2
Night Light Jang Tae-joon MBC
2017 The Bride of Habaek Chairman Shin Dong-Man TVN
Hospital Ship MBC
2018 About Time[15] Lee Seon-moon TVN
2019 The Fiery Priest Lee Young-joon SBS
2019 Hotel Del Luna Manager Noh TVN

Variety show[edit]

Year Title Network Notes
2013 How to Eat and Live Well SBS Host


Year Title Role Reprised
1975 Crown Prince Maui
1977 Hamlet
1983 The Son of Man
남에서 오신 손님
Glorious Escape
2002 Cabaret[16] Cliff Bradshaw
2003 The Gift of the Gorgon Edward Damson 2008, 2009
2004 The Seagull Pjotr Nikolayevich Sorin
Padam Padam Padam Jean Cocteau
Romulus the Great Romulus Augustulus
2005 A Story of Two Knights and the World of Knight Errantry
2007 The Crucible Reverend Samuel Parris
2008 Lady Macbeth[17] Doctor/Macbeth 2010, 2013
Scent of Love Taek-seong
2009 Where Shall We Meet Again
The Seafarer Mr. Lockhart
2010 Namu (Tree)[18]
2011 Oedipus
2012 The Cherry Orchard Firs
2013 Dante's Divine Comedy Virgil 2014
2014 Mephisto[19] Faust
2015 Waiting for Godot Vladimir

Awards and nominations[edit]

Year Award Category Nominated work Result
1965 Drama Contest Best Actor Sunrise Won
1979 15th Baeksang Arts Awards Best New Actor (TV) Wild Geese Won
1993 29th Baeksang Arts Awards Best Actor (Theater) Won
1997 21st Seoul Theater Festival Best Actor Won
1999 25th Young-hee Prize for Theater Recipient Won
2001 2nd Kim Dong-hoon Prize for Theater Recipient Won
2008 1st Korea Theater Awards Best Actor The Gift of the Gorgon Won
2009 19th Lee Hae-rang Prize for Theater Recipient Won
2010 3rd Korea Drama Awards Best Supporting Actor Dong Yi Won
KBS Drama Awards Best Actor in a One-Act/Special/Short Drama Freedom Fighter, Lee Hoe-young Nominated
2019 12th Korea Drama Awards[20] Lifetime Achievement Award Hotel del Luna Won


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