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Jung Tae Woo
Born Jung Tae Woo
March 23, 1982
South Korea
Occupation actor
Awards Best Supporting Actor
2002 Taejo Wang Geon at 2001 KBS Drama Awards
Korean name
Hangul 정태우
Revised Romanization Jeong Tae-u
McCune–Reischauer Chŏng T'aeu

Jung Tae Woo (정태우) is a South Korean actor. Much of his work has been in the genre of Korean historical dramas such as Taejo Wang Geon, Dae Jo Yeong, and The King and I .


Like many South Korean actors Jung Tae Woo began his career as a child model/actor. He made his first mark in Korean TV drama at age 19 when he was awarded the 2001 KBS Best Supporting Actor award for his role as a precocious court advisor in the 200-episode historical series Emperor Wang Guhn. He has been cast in a variety of supporting roles, from sensitive and tragic in historical drama to comic in such Korean television series as Nonstop, Into the Sun, and Mom's Dead Upset (aka Angry Mom).

In 2007 he appeared in the long-running and popular KBS historical series Dae Jo Yeong playing the hero's illegitimate son Geom. Immediately after, he made a brief but notable appearance in the SBS sageuk drama The King and I (aka Eunuch) playing the notorious Joseon king Yeonsangun.

His most notable movie role is as the pachinko game promoter Chun-bae in the 2004 martial arts film Fighter in the Wind.

In 2010, Jung portrayed a soldier in a series about the Korean War, Legend of the Patriots.[1]

In January 2013, Jung co-starred in military musical The Promise. It was co-produced by the Ministry of National Defense and Korea Musical Theatre Association, to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the signing of an armistice. It ran from 9 to 20 January at the National Theater of Korea, co-starring actors Ji Hyun-woo, Kim Mu-yeol; as well as singers Leeteuk of Super Junior, Yoon Hak of Supernova, and Lee Hyun of 8Eight. The musical is centered around a group of soldiers who keeps a promise made to each other during the 6.25 war.[2][3]

Personal life[edit]

On May 8, 2009, Jung Tae-woo (27) wed stewardess Jang In-hee (26) in a private Christian ceremony at Seoul's Shilla Hotel.[4] They have two sons, born in 2010 and 2015.


TV series[edit]



  • 2009/2010 Equus
  • 2009 Jazz Lunatic


  • KBS Best Supporting Actor (2001)


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