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Scientific classification e
Kingdom: Plantae
Division: Marchantiophyta
Class: Jungermanniopsida
Order: Jungermanniales
Family: Jungermanniaceae

Jungermanniaceae is the namesake family of leafy liverworts. It is a group of small plants that are widely distributed. Several genera formerly included within the family are now classified in the Myliaceae or Solenostomataceae.

Most of the species of this family are found in temperate regions.

The main characteristics of the family:

1. The leaves are succubous.
2. The leaves are unlobed and never decurrent along the stem.
3. Perianth is terminal on the leading shoot.
4. Rhizoids are scattered along the stem.

Family description[edit]

When the plants branch, the branches do not grow from the underside of the stem. The leaves are unlobed and have a smooth edge, and the underlobes are vestigial or absent. The rhizoids are scattered along the underside of the stem, and not restricted to specific patches near the underleaves.

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