Jungfrau Marathon

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Jungfrau Marathon
Date September
Location Eiger, Mönch, and Jungfrau mountains, Switzerland
Event type Mountain running
Distance Mountain marathon
Established 1993
Course records Men:
New Zealand Jonathan Wyatt 2:49:01
Switzerland Maude Mathys 3:12:56
Official site www.jungfrau-marathon.ch
The Jungfrau Marathon at km 40 in 2004

The Jungfrau Marathon is one of the best known mountain marathons in the world, in full view of the famous Eiger, Mönch, and Jungfrau mountains in the Bernese Oberland area of the Swiss Alps.

The first Jungfrau Marathon was held in 1993. Approximately 3,500 runners from 35 different nations participate. The Jungfrau Marathon takes place each year in September.

The 2007 edition of the competition incorporated the World Long Distance Mountain Running Challenge and attracted 4200 participants from 50 countries.[1]

The course[edit]

The 42.195-kilometre (26.219 mi) course starts in Interlaken and climbs 5,960 feet (1,823 m) in elevation to the finish at the Kleine Scheidegg.

The first 10 km of the course are flat. The race begins in central Interlaken and circles around the town centre before moving east to Bönigen, where runners briefly run along the shore of Lake Brienz. The race proceeds southwards to Wilderswil at the 10 km mark. From there the course heads upward through Zweilütschinen (at 15 km) to Lauterbrunnen (at 20 km). The course loops for 5 km south of the town before returning to Lauterbrunnen and then heading eastward up the alpside. It is at this point that the race is steepest, zigzagging up the hillside and climbing 450 m in the 5 km to Wengen. The course heads southeast and relentlessly upward over the Wengernalp, turning east and then northeast beneath the Eiger toward the finish. It reaches its highest point of 7,234 feet (2,205 m) around the 40 km point, and then heads steeply downhill for the last kilometre to the finish at Kleine Scheidegg at an altitude of 2061 m.[2] At the highest point the runners are traditionally greeted by a bagpipe player.

Past winners[edit]

Key:   Course record

Edition Date Men's Winner Time
Women's Winner Time
1st 25-09-1993  Jörg Hägler (SUI) 3:00:05  Birgit Lennartz (GER) 3:30:00
2nd 24-09-1994  Marco Kaminski (SUI) 3:02:05  Fabiola Rueda-Oppliger (SUI) 3:34:01
3rd 09-09-1995  Marco Kaminski (SUI) 3:00:19  Sibylle Blersch (SUI) 3:28:46
4th 07-09-1996  Marco Kaminski (SUI) 2:55:07  Isabella Moretti (SUI) 3:27:57
5th 06-09-1997  Marco Kaminski (SUI) 2:58:43  Franziska Rochat-Moser (SUI) 3:22:49
6th 05-09-1998  Petr Kadlec (CZE) 2:59:03  Irina Kazakova (FRA) 3:23:53
7th 04-09-1999  Marco Kaminski (SUI) 2:54:34  Svetlana Netchaeva (RUS) 3:23:38
8th 02-09-2000  Sergey Kaledin (RUS) 2:59:33  Svetlana Netchaeva (RUS) 3:22:04
9th 01-09-2001  Chaham El Maati (MAR) 2:56:37  Marie-Luce Romanens (SUI) 3:21:03
10th 6/7-09-2002  Tesfaye Eticha (ETH) 2:53:28  Chantal Dällenbach (FRA) 3:25:18
11th 06-09-2003  Jonathan Wyatt (NZL) 2:49:01  Emebet Abossa (ETH) 3:21:46
12th 11-09-2004  Tesfaye Eticha (ETH) 2:59:30  Emebet Abossa (ETH) 3:23:11
13th 10-09-2005  Tesfaye Eticha (ETH) 2:59:21  Emebet Abossa (ETH) 3:29:15
14th 09-09-2006  Tesfaye Eticha (ETH) 2:59:44  Simona Staicu (ROM) 3:26:26
15th 08-09-2007  Jonathan Wyatt (NZL) 2:55:33  Anita Håkenstad (NOR) 3:23:06
16th 06-09-2008  Hermann Achmüller (ITA) 3:03:18  Simona Staicu (HUN) 3:35:05
17th 05-09-2009  Jonathan Wyatt (NZL) 2:58:33  Claudia Landolt (CZE) 3:34:24
18th 09-09-2010  Marco De Gasperi (ITA) 2:56:42  Simona Staicu (HUN) 3:33:45
19th 10-09-2011  Markus Hohenwarter (AUT) 3:01:52  Aline Camboulives (FRA) 3:29:56
20th 8/9-09-2012  Markus Hohenwarter (AUT) 2:59:42  Stevie Kremer (USA) 3:22:42
21st 14-09-2013  Geoffrey Ndungu (KEN) 2:50:29  Andrea Mayr (AUT) 3:20:21
22nd 12-09-2014  Paul Michieka (KEN) 3:01.57  Aline Camboulives (FRA) 3:27:20 [3][4]
23rd 12-09-2015  Shaban Mustafa (BUL) 3:02.37  Aline Camboulives (FRA) 3:28:43
24th 10-09-2016  Robbie Simpson (GBR) 3:00.11  Martina Strähl (SUI) 3:19:15
25th 09-09-2017  José David Cardona (COL) 2:56.20  Maude Mathys (SUI) 3:12:56
26th 08-09-2018  Robbie Simpson (GBR) 2:56:31  Martina Strähl (SUI) 3:14:36


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