Jungle Animals

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Jungle Animals
Jungle Animals (1945) cover.jpg
First edition cover (1945)
Author Frank Buck
Ferrin Fraser
Country United States
Language English
Genre non-fiction
Publisher Random House
Publication date
Media type Print (Hardback)
Pages 55
Preceded by All In A Lifetime
Co-authors Buck (left) and Fraser, ca. 1940

Jungle Animals was Frank Buck’s eighth book, written with Ferrin Fraser, describing some of the animals, birds, and reptiles of the jungle, which Buck had come in contact with in his years of travel around the world. The lavishly illustrated book was intended for schoolchildren grades five to eight.[1] A children’s book illustrator, Roger Vernam (1912–1992), was the artist.

Critical reception[edit]

"Large and beautifully illustrated by Roger Vernam, this book is authoritative and fascinating...Best for the pre-high school age, but would interest all." [2]


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