Jungle Cavalcade (1941 film)

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Jungle Cavalcade
Jungle Cavalcade (1941) film poster.jpg
Theatrical poster
Directed byArmand Denis, Clyde E. Elliott, Frank Buck
Produced byWalton C. Ament
Written byPhil Reisman, Jr.
StarringFrank Buck
Music byNathaniel Shilkret, Herman Fuchs
CinematographyLeroy G. Phelps, Nicholas Cavaliere, Carl Berger, Harry E. Squire
Edited byJay Bonafield
Distributed byRKO
Release date
  • June 27, 1941 (1941-06-27)[1]
Running time
75-76 minutes
CountryUnited States

Jungle Cavalcade is a compilation of footage from Frank Buck’s first three films depicting his adventures capturing animals for the world's zoos.[2]


Among the scenes in the film:

  • In the Sumatran jungle, Buck builds a trap baited with a durian fruit to capture a giant orangutan for a St. Louis zoo.
  • When he sees a baby elephant pursued by a tiger, Buck shoots the tiger and captures the elephant.
  • Buck captures a rare spotted leopard by shooting off the tree limb supporting the cat
  • After building a four-acre corral, Buck stampedes a herd of elephants into it and then singles out individual elephants to send to zoos.


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