Jungle Lord

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Jungle Lord
JungleLord Backglass.JPG
ManufacturerWilliams Pinball
Release date1981
SystemWilliams System 7
DesignBarry Oursler
ProgrammingLarry DeMar, Paul Dussault
ArtworkConstantino Mitchell
Production run6000

Jungle Lord is a 1981 pinball machine designed by Barry Oursler and produced by Williams Pinball. It features a Tarzan influenced theme, a multi-level playfield and a magnetic ball saver ("Magnasave").


Jungle Lord was the second of the four two-level System 7 games that Williams produced, the others being Black Knight, Pharaoh and Solar Fire.

The early production of the game had a red cabinet, and around 100 units were made. The later ones had a blue cabinet and the tiger artwork was slightly changed.



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