Jungle Raiders (1985 film)

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Jungle Raiders
Jungle raiders.jpg
MGM/UA VHS Cover Art
Directed byAntonio Margheriti (as Anthony M. Dawson)
Written byGiovanni Simonelli
StarringChristopher Connelly
Lee Van Cleef
Marina Costa
Music byCal Taormina
CinematographyGuglielmo Mancori
Edited byAlberto Moriani
Distributed byCannon Films
Release date
  • 1985 (1985)
Running time
95 mins

Jungle Raiders, also known as Captain Yankee (in original Italian, La leggenda del rubino malese/ Legend of the Blonde Malaysian) is a 1985 Cannon Film. This film by Antonio Margheriti stars Christopher Connelly and Lee Van Cleef. The film was the third of three films Antonio Margheriti made in which he attempted to copy the success of Raiders of the Lost Ark (the first films he made were Hunters of the Golden Cobra and Ark of the Sun God).[1]


Captain Yankee played by Christopher Connelly and his friend make a living by selling fake adventure dreams to rich foreigners. With the help of some natives they let their rich clients think to have lived fantastic adventures. One day a Colombian museum director arrives to search for a fabulous "ruby of doom" and Captain Yankee is black mailed into accepting the task.[2]



After watching Raiders of the Lost Ark, director Antonio Margheriti was so impressed that he was inspired to recreate adventure films like it for the Italian market. His first feature films to do this were Hunters of the Golden Cobra and Ark of the Sun God with Jungle Raiders being his third. Cannon Films agreed to finance Jungle Raiders and it would be the third of five films the company produced that was inspired by Indiana Jones. The American poster art even went so far as to use the same font for the title as Raiders of the Lost Ark.[1]


The film was released on VHS by MGM for a brief period in 1985. It has not yet been released on DVD.


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