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The Junglies was a short-lived British animated series by Terry Ward, lasting from 1992 to 1993 on ITV on TV-am, and was re-run on Tiny Living between 2005 and 2006.


The series is set on the fictitious Junglie Island, an island somewhere near Africa.[1] Each episode follows the adventures of several anthropomorphised animals called the Junglies, all of whom are portrayed as young children.[1]

A total of 13 episodes were made, and aired between 1991 and 1993 exclusively in the United Kingdom, some of which were released straight-to-video.[2] It is possible that more episodes were planned but only 13 were filmed (although it is assumed that only 13 were meant to be filmed, since the show was especially for younger audiences, and such shows are only short-lived). However, the series has never been properly released on DVD (as of yet, anyway), although one episode was featured on the VHS and DVD versions of A Day Full of Animals and Songs.


Like Nellie the Elephant, another series by Ward, all the characters were only voiced by two actors, in this cast, all voices were provided by Gary Wilmot and Jessica Martin.

  • Tyrone Tiger - The brave leader of the Junglies, a tiger.
  • Marvin Monkey - A mischievous and cheeky monkey.
  • Geraldine Giraffe - A fickle, bucktoothed giraffe.
  • Lester Lion - An outspoken lion.
  • Penny Parrot - A scarlet macaw who speaks with a Scouse accent.
  • Sebastian Snake - A snake who speaks with a lisp.
  • Henrietta Hippopotamus - Fat blue hippopotamus, her mother is a school teacher.
  • Ethel Elephant - A pink elephant.
  • Zoe Zebra - A vain zebra who speaks with a French accent.
  • Albert Alligator - An alligator who lives in a houseboat.
  • Graham Gorilla - A gorilla who only appeared in the final episode.
  • Narrator - An unseen narrator who sets the scene at the beginning of almost every episode.

It is possible that the show was to feature more characters, like Richard Rhino and Craig Crocodile, but at the last minute those characters were dropped, especially as there was already an alligator, namely Albert, so the makers of the show did not feel comfortable having two animals similar to ones already in the show (not counting having Marvin Monkey and Graham Gorilla, especially as the latter only appeared in the final episode).


  • "First Day at School"
  • "Hide and Seek"
  • "Penny's Little Brother"
  • "Echo Valley"
  • "Albert's Tooth"
  • "Journey To The Moon"
  • "Where's Zoe"
  • "Say Cheese Everyone"
  • "Heavy, Heavy, Heavy"
  • "Down the River"
  • "Flying South"
  • "The Great Storm"
  • "A Very Big Monkey" (the final episode; this is the only episode never to be released on either video, similar to how the only missing episode from the BBC Video release of PC Pinkerton is its final episode "On Your Bikes").

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