Junichiro Itani

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Junichiro Itani (伊谷 純一郎 Itani Jun'ichirō?, May 9, 1926 – August 19, 2001) is considered a founder of the discipline of Japanese primatology. He was an internationally renowned anthropologist and served as a professor emeritus at Kyoto University. He died at age 75 of pneumonia.

Books available in English[edit]

  • Japanese Monkeys in Takasakiyama (1954)
  • Hominid culture in primate perspective / Duane Quiatt and Junichiro Itani, editors (1994)
  • A Comparative study of ecological anthropology in tropical Africa
  • Great Ape Societies by William C McGrew; Linda F Marchant; Toshisada Nishida; Jane Goodall and Junichiro Itani