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Junichiro Itani (伊谷 純一郎, Itani Jun'ichirō, May 9, 1926 – August 19, 2001) is considered a founder of the discipline of Japanese primatology. He was an internationally renowned anthropologist and served as a professor emeritus at Kyoto University. He died at age 75 of pneumonia. As with most Japanese primatologists, his early research was on Japanese monkeys (Macaca fuscata), but most of his career focused on African primates, especially chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes).

Books available in English[edit]

  • Japanese Monkeys in Takasakiyama (1954)
  • Hominid culture in primate perspective / Duane Quiatt and Junichiro Itani, editors (1994)
  • A Comparative study of ecological anthropology in tropical Africa
  • Great Ape Societies by William C McGrew; Linda F Marchant; Toshisada Nishida; Jane Goodall and Junichiro Itani