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Junior is a pop punk\southern rock band from Gladewater, Texas, formed by Kiley Bland (guitar, lead vocals), Adam Hoffoss (bass, backing vocals) and Steve Cox (drums, backing vocals). The three guys were born surrounded by "rednecks", their dream was to escape from the little boring city. Kiley and Steve started playing at school, when the main attractions were the rodeos and football games, and Adam was born in Dixie Inn, where he worked in his family's restaurant, Hamburger Happiness.

Their style of music is rather unique, of which can be described as cowpunk, with mixes of punk (similar to that of Green Day), classic rock (similar to that of The Doors), and traditional southern rock, (similar to that of Lynyrd Skynyrd).

Junior has opened for bands such as Bowling for Soup, Unwritten Law, Reel Big Fish, The All American Rejects and Everclear. Junior released their first studio demo in 2001, Starving Artists of the Year. In 2004, they released their first full-length album, Y'all Ready to Rock?. In 2006 they signed with the label Toucan Cove, and in June, 2007, released their second album Are We Famous Yet?, which features the song She's So Amazing, co-written by the Grammy-Award nominated Jaret Reddick, guitarist and lead vocalist from Bowling for Soup. "What was I Thinking" is meant to be the band's first single.

Junior and their song "Stand Up and Holler" were featured in promos for KLTV's high school football coverage. (2007-09)

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