Junior Blue

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Junior Blue
Origin Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Genres Post Rock
Years active 2001–2003
Labels Outside Music, Dependent
Website [1]
Members Dylan Hudecki, Justin Peroff, Graham Walsh, Kevin Drew, Dave Newfeld, Kristen Hudecki, Jose Contreras, Brian Borcherdt, Lisa McIssac, Brendan Canning, Chris Mills, Colleen Hixenbaugh, Brian Cram, Shinsuke Matsuda, Stella Luna,Martin Stieb, Caroline Ross, John Hall, Steve Munday, Audrey Bankley

Junior Blue was a Canadian post-rock group, consisting of Justin Peroff and Dylan Hudecki,[1] along with contributions by Peroff's Broken Social Scene bandmates Kevin Drew and Brendan Canning, and Hudecki's By Divine Right bandmates José Miguel Contreras and Brian Borcherdt.


Justin Peroff describes the history of Junior Blue as such, "Pande (Justin Peroff) had come back from touring with the Do Make Say Think boys and Broken Social Scene started to play some shows. Blue Jeans Dylan Hudecki had just become a Rock'n'Roll bassist for By Divine Right. They found each other at creative highs and decided to utilize this in each other. They went on intuition & inspiration, and pressed record immediately. This was an intimate experience. Some show and tell moments of past and present creations occurred and they became fans of each other. They put their noise makers to rest for hiatus, audio became visual and art shows ensued. They became bigger fans of each other! "Lets crack open our phone books!" they exclaimed. The puzzle pieces started to fall into place as horn, string, and guitar players filed through the door. They put the pieces together on Graham's G3/Cubase. Some lovely vocals and keyboards were added. Finally a trip to digital d's "Star's & Sun's" was in order. Beats were provided, keys were fun, "Hey, is that a zither?" Editing was tedious, and before they knew it they were mastering the final line-up. Done and done, the record is done. A visit to the logohoax house of graphic design and the compact disc is ready to be pressed. Fast forward a year and half>>>funds, a label (Dependent) and a distributor (Outside) are all found, and that's the story of Junior Blue."[2]


Studio Albums[edit]


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