Junior Field Trips

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Junior Field Trips
Genres Adventure, Edutainment
Developers Humongous Entertainment
Publishers Humongous Entertainment
Creators Ron Gilbert
Platforms Windows, Macintosh, Steam
First release Let's Explore the Airport
January, 1995
Latest release Let's Explore the Farm
June 23, 1995

The Junior Field Trips series is a trilogy of point-and-click children's computer games released by Humongous Entertainment in conjunction with Random House. These games (in general) offered virtual tours of particular locations related to their theme, and included a game suite with virtual coloring pages, a scavenger hunt, and various other games depending upon the title. They were originally released for Windows and Macintosh computers, but were ported to Steam on April 24, 2015.[1] These games were written using the SCUMM engine and can thus be played on additional platforms by using ScummVM.

The series was hosted by "Buzzy the Knowledge Bug" (voiced by Jim Cissell), a blue anthropomorphic insect who provides feedback on the locations when called upon and provided narration for each of the games. Two of the series' three titles were written by the noted programmer Deborah Todd.


Let's Explore the Airport[edit]

Released in January, 1995. Players visit an Airport compound and can explore the various airport departments, terminals, the airfield, the seaplane dock, the helipad and as well as the interior of the aircraft. The Airport has all the processes, procedures, services and specifications of a real airport and real aircraft. Fact sheets about the aircraft, airport staff, machinery and structures as well as diagrams are also available. There are also trivia and object quiz games to teach knowledge skills plus a coloring book and a lost luggage game.

Let's Explore the Jungle[edit]

Released in May 12, 1995. Players visit three different types of rainforest including South American, African and Southeast Asian. Fact sheets about animal types and behavior, plants, places and geographical objects are also available. There are also letter jumble and trivia quiz games included to teach reading and letter skills plus a coloring book, a safari finding game and an anteater feeder game.

Let's Explore the Farm[edit]

Released in June 23, 1995. Players visit a Mixed Farm and can explore the barn, vegetable garden, orchard, animal pens, riverbank, duck pond, crop field, chicken coop and farmhouse. The Farm has all of the activities and processes of a real, working farm. This includes milking a cow, collecting eggs from hens, harvested corn and many more. Fact sheets about all the farm animals, plants, farm staff and pieces of equipment are also available. There are also spelling and trivia quiz games included to teach reading and letter skills plus a coloring book and an egg catching game.


Publication Award
Child Magazine 1996 Best of the Year Award[2]
Parenting Magazine Software Magic Award[2]
Family PC Tested and Recommended Award[2]
Family Channel Seal of Quality Award[2]
Coalition for Quality Children's Media Award[2]
National Parenting Center Seal of Approval[2]

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