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The Junior League Softball World Series is a softball tournament for girls aged between 12 and 14.[1] The tournament is administered by Little League Baseball, Inc. and is held annually in the Seattle suburb of Kirkland, Washington.

Junior League Softball World Series welcome sign

Tournament format[edit]

The tournament started in 1999, and is a true "World Series" since ten regions from around the world send in teams:

The ten teams are divided into two pools of five members each.[3] The two best teams from each pool then advance to the semi-finals. The winners in the semi-finals play for the championship. All matches are single-elimination games. The losing teams face off in classification games for third through tenth place.

List of champions[edit]

Champions per year[edit]

Year Winner Score Runner-Up
1999 Texas
Woodway-Hewitt, Texas
2000 Florida
Naples, Florida
2001 Florida
Naples, Florida
2002 Netherlands
Utrecht, Netherlands
5-3 Florida
Tampa Bay, Florida
2003 Philippines
Bacolod, Philippines
2-0 Puerto Rico
Manuabo, Puerto Rico
2004 Indiana
South Bend, Indiana
10-1 Texas
Giddings, Texas
2005 Florida
Lake Wales, Florida
4-0 Texas
La Grange, Texas
2006 Florida
Naples, Florida
8-0 Philippines
Bacolod, Philippines
2007 Puerto Rico
Maunabo, Puerto Rico
16-6 California
Westchester-Del Rey, California
2008 Arizona
Oro Valley, Arizona
10-4 Puerto Rico
Maunabo, Puerto Rico
2009 Puerto Rico
Maunabo, Puerto Rico
2-1 Ohio
Elyria, Ohio
2010 Puerto Rico
Maunabo, Puerto Rico
4-3 Florida
Tampa, Florida
2011 Michigan
Croswell, Michigan
10-0 Florida
Tampa, Florida
2012 Alaska
Anchorage, Alaska
6-2 Canada
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
2013 Florida
Tampa, Florida
10-1 Washington (state)
Kirkland, Washington
2014 Pennsylvania
Greensburg, Pennsylvania
6-2 Mexico
Mexicali, Mexico
2015 Florida
Tampa, Florida
9-2[4] Philippines
Norzagaray, Philippines
2016 Puerto Rico
Maunabo, Puerto Rico
8-6[5] Canada
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
2017 Ohio
Poland, Ohio
7-1[6] Washington (state)
Kirkland, Washington

Championships per location[edit]

Flag Winner Total Years
Puerto Rico Maunabo, Puerto Rico 4 2007, 2009, 2010, 2016
Florida Naples, Florida 3 2000, 2001, 2006
Florida Tampa, Florida 1 2013
Alaska Anchorage, Alaska 1 2012
Michigan Croswell, Michigan 1 2011
Arizona Oro Valley, Arizona 1 2008
Florida Lake Wales, Florida 1 2005
Indiana South Bend, Indiana 1 2004
Philippines Bacolod, Philippines 1 2003
Netherlands Utrecht, Netherlands 1 2002
Texas Woodway-Hewitt, Texas 1 1999

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