Junior Varsity (EP)

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Junior Varsity
Say-Anything Junior-Varsity 2000 cover.jpg
EP by Say Anything
Released 2000
Genre Emo
Length 16:32
Label Self-released
Say Anything chronology
Junior Varsity

Junior Varsity (reissued as In Your Dreams) is a self-produced EP by Say Anything.

Original release[edit]

Junior Varsity was the first album released by Say Anything and it is one of their rarer CDs with only 200 to 300 copies made.[citation needed]

In Your Dreams[edit]

In Your Dreams is the second pressing of Junior Varsity. It includes all four songs from the original album along with a fifth track, "Sappy," the first song written by Max Bemis. Like Junior Varsity, it was self-released.[1]

All My Friends Are Enemies: Early Rarities[edit]

The album was re-released on January 22, 2013 on the third disc of All My Friends Are Enemies: Early Rarities. The three-disc album is a "collection of remastered B-sides and rarities", most of which were recorded before ...Is A Real Boy.[2]

Track listing[edit]

  1. "The Last Great Punk Rock Song" - 3:52
  2. "Dreaming of Manhattan" - 4:40
  3. "She Got Away" - 3:32
  4. "High School Low" - 4:28
  5. "Sappy" †

Included only on In Your Dreams


According to the album's liner notes, the lineup was as follows: