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Juniper Bank (now known as Barclays Bank Delaware) was founded in January 2000 by several former executives of First USA Bank. Richard Vague - CEO, and Jim Stewart - President, received the initial round of funding from Benchmark Capital.

Juniper was initially a full-service on-line bank, offering checking and savings accounts, online bill pay, credit and debit cards. Their initial focus was on providing a state of the art online banking service. Juniper later focused solely on credit cards, offering cards with partners such as US Airways, the Harvard Alumni Association, Barnes & Noble, and Apple, among others.

Juniper's investors sold the company to British-based Barclays Bank PLC in 2004. By 2005, Juniper had become the fastest growing major credit card issuer in the US and in 2008 Juniper/Barclays, also known as simply Barclaycard, became one of the top 10 card issuers in the US, issuing both Visa and MasterCard accounts.

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