Juniper Hill, Edgeworth

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Juniper Hill, Edgeworth
Site of Special Scientific Interest
Juniperus communis Haweswater.jpg
Example - Juniper growing in the UK (Juniperus communis)
Juniper Hill, Edgeworth is located in Gloucestershire
Juniper Hill, Edgeworth
Location within Gloucestershire
Area of Search Gloucestershire
Grid reference SO928058 and SO928064
Coordinates 51°45′05″N 2°06′18″W / 51.751297°N 2.104976°W / 51.751297; -2.104976Coordinates: 51°45′05″N 2°06′18″W / 51.751297°N 2.104976°W / 51.751297; -2.104976
Interest Biological
Area 11.25 hectare
Notification 1974
Natural England website

Juniper Hill, Edgeworth (SO928058 and SO928064) is an 11.25-hectare (27.8-acre) biological Site of Special Scientific Interest in Gloucestershire, notified in 1974.[1][2][3] The site is listed in the 'Cotswold District' Local Plan 2001-2011 (on line) as a Key Wildlife Site (KWS).[4]


The site lies in the Cotswold Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and is in two sections. It is one of a small number of sites on Jurassic limestone which has Juniper as its dominant species.[1]


The Juniper on the site is recorded as being of a great age, with specimens which are over 100 years old.[1]

Ungrazed calcareous grassland makes up the northern section of the site, which consists mainly of Upright Brome, Tor-grass, Common Rock Rose and Old Man's Beard. Larger trees such as Oak and Ash are regenerating in this area. There is an adjacent Larch plantation which is supporting Juniper.[1]

Grazed grassland makes up the southern section under the Juniper, and this is made up of a greater amount of fescues and herbs typical of the unimproved limestone grassland of the Cotswolds.


Many of the Juniper plants are dying and management is underway to attempt regeneration.[1][5]


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