Junius Annius Bassus

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Junius Bassus in a chariot, opus sectile panel from the basilica of Junius Bassus on the Esquiline Hill

Iunius Annius Bassus was a praetorian prefect of the Roman Empire from 318 to 331, during which time he also held the consulate. Several laws in the Codex Theodosianus are addressed to him. His son Junius Bassus was praefectus urbi, and his sarcophagus is the most ancient among those carved with Christian scenes.

He built the basilica of Junius Bassus on the Esquiline Hill in Rome, famous for its opus sectile decoration.


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Political offices
Preceded by
Aurelius Valerius Tullianus Symmachus
Consul of the Roman Empire
Served alongside: Ablabius
Succeeded by
Lucius Papius Pacatianus,
Maecilius Hilarianus
Preceded by
Praetorian prefect of Italy
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