Junkers Jumo 223

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Jumo 223
Type Piston aero-engine
Manufacturer Junkers
First run 1940s

The Junkers Jumo 223 was an experimental 24-cylinder aircraft engine based on the Junkers Jumo 205. Like the Jumo 205, it was an opposed piston two-stroke diesel engine. It had four banks of six cylinders in a rhomboid configuration, with four crankshafts one at each vertex of the rhombus, and 48 pistons. It was designed for a power of 2,500 horsepower at 4,400 rpm, and weighed around 2,370 kg.[1]

Only one example is known to have been built. It is rumoured to have been taken to Moscow after the war, where development may have continued.

Jumo 224[edit]

In 1942 the 223 was abandoned in favour of an even larger engine, the Jumo 224 with an intended output power of 4,500 horsepower.[1]

The Jumo 223 series was influential to the successful three-crankshaft Napier Deltic engine.


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